Course Work on Language of Politics and War: Discussing Soviet Communism & American Capitalism

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Published: 2019/09/27

Synopsis: The following article consists of a brief study regarding the principles of Soviet Communism and American Capitalism. The research discusses the role of the populace with regards to the above mentioned constitutions. After giving an introduction to both, the paper will further formulate the consistency of the strategies which have been displayed in the pictures/images provided. The study begins with a briefing of ‘Political Warfare’ where the concept of ‘Totalism’ has also been added to the discussion and an understanding about its influence upon the political manipulations of a nation.

Introducing Political Warfare

‘Political Warfare’ is the strategy which is applied upon the opposing nation to retain political benefits without indulging into a direct assault upon the nation. Political warfare deals with manipulating the social economy of the nation into subjugating to the wills and wants of the respective subject using pictures, proclamations and psychological methodologies to obtain one’s national interests. Hence this stratagem which involves the usage of propaganda serves to break or destroy the social and psychological strains of the populace such the nation will evidently give in to the subject’s will.

Political Warfare has been introduced as an indirect tactic to reinforce political agendas into another nation without opting for a candid intrusion into the constitution of the hostile nation. Hence this psychological approach which has become a substitute for unswerving military action deprives the nation of its economic sanctions thereby influencing not just the government but aggravating the nation from within.

Political warfare is a politically planned arrangement which consists of psychological operations that are operated and finalized accordingly with respect to the nation’s political constitutional make up. It aims at altering the hostile nation’s ideologies that favor the political interests of the nation in power without using hesitant and faltered methods that can endanger a nation’s life force.

Introducing Soviet Communism and American Capitalism

Soviet Communism: The political constitution which was framed by the Soviet Union back in January 1912 by Lenin, Soviet Communism is an agenda which has been brought forward by the Communist Part of Soviet Union. Proclaimed to have led the Revolution of October 1917, Soviet Communism was the governmental charter that dissolved in 1991 after the Soviet Union collapsed however there are still prevalent regions in Russia which consists of Communist parties leading like the ‘Communist Workers Party of Russia’.

Principle of Soviet Communism: It comprises of a single authoritarian which controlled the Soviet Union where the economic system held no distinction between classes. The governmental principle stated that the economic benefits would be shared by all hence obtaining equivalent ownership of goods such that the social order can be maintained growth prospers within the nation.

The Communist Society:

The Soviet Communism consisted of a classless society which did not indulge in annexation of land and property from the residents less fortunate than themselves. Hence this political regime which was initiated in the Soviet Union where the society could claim property equally such that a common ownership right could be established was the fundamental concept behind commencing a communist populace.

The public were simply fractions of a communist country where the culture of communism was sowed such that the benefits of shares and profits could be attained by all the individuals involved. It made the society free of exploitations and financial manipulations. The communist populace contributed by spreading the ideology amongst other localities. Here the sovereignty of chattels and assets could be protected and preserved from voracious hands.

Role of Populace:

The interests of the communist state came before the statesmen hence the communist citizens were expected to work accordingly such that the country would benefit respectively with successive participation of the communist society. The individuals were expected to work for the country where exploitation, corruption, slacking of work was not exonerated.

American Capitalism: American Capitalism came into being around the 1900’s where the basic foundation of this economic doctrine consisted of safeguarding the privatization of property and initiate adequate productivity to obtain maximum investment.

Principle of American Capitalism: American Capitalism is another political administration which consisted of an economic system where private ownership rights for property and commodities were permitted as compared to Communism where the ownership is collectively shared by all.

The introduction of banks was a part of American capitalism expansion where organization of the commercial funds obtained needed to be secure and sustained. The labor was divided such that the work could be organized, progressive and fastidious such that the accumulation of profits earned by private owners could be facilitated and manageable.

The American Capitalist Society

American Capitalism has been explained using three major contexts where the ownership rights can be signified accordingly:

  1. Markets: American Capitalism aimed at producing goods which could be sold outside or traded outside rather than the goods being manufactured for personal gains. Instead of the goods being directly consumed by the people, they were being sold outside which inevitably caused the nation to starve with deprivation of necessities.
  2. Private Ownership: Individuals could own their respective foundations without having a public/governmental authority controlling their market shares and incomes. The investment attained from the establishments belonged to the owners of the enterprises who maintained the right to market not just goods but sell properties as well in exchange for another property or profits.
  3. Hiring Labor: Another asset of American Capitalism consisted of entrepreneurs hiring labor force for their specific commercial agendas. Hence these employees who aren’t the owners or shareholders of the company were given an allowance for the work they submitted in the company.

Role of Populace:

The American Revolution resulted in inventing a capitalist economy where 65% of the labor force consisted of self employed farmers who had legal and private ownerships of their respective properties. Another part consisted of labor force being hired by land lords who’d earn their revenues from the profits that were divided amongst the workers and the title holders. Once slavery was abolished, a new era of commerce began where ex-slaves became sharecroppers and operated firms which were privatized and expanded commercially to large extents.

By the 20th century, USA became a full grown capitalist country where 8-12% of the labor force became self employed and self sufficient. Independent foundations were being constructed where proprietors maintained their stand against competition in the commercial market.

The Fundamentals behind ‘Totalism’

‘Totalism’ is the psychological tool which is one of the basic principles of political warfare introduced by psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton. With respect to political dominion, ‘Totalism’ is the technique of brainwashing the audience using eight distinct forms of thought reforms which are considered highly effective in political warfare. Originally introduced in China, the art of mind control consists of a series of modus operandi which must be encrypted in such a manner that the thought processes of the individuals can be modified or altered respectively.

Eight Criterions of Thought Transformation:

  1. Milieu Control
  2. Mystical Manipulation
  3. Demand for Purity
  4. Confession
  5. Sacred Science
  6. Loading the Language
  7. Doctrine Over Person
  8. Dispensing Existence

A major example can be given of one of the processes: Using ‘Sacred Science’

If you’ve heard recently about the book published by Dan Brown with regards to the ‘Priory of Sion’ where the cult which consisted of famous science discoverers and researchers waged a politically historic war against the ‘Opus Die’ who’re known for encrypting ‘Totalism’ as a means of establishing followers who believe in only one God and the sacredness of a single entity which formed human kind.

The principle behind ‘Sacred Science’ is that a single belief is held, accepted and spread to its followers who cannot go against the dogma of their science. Hence the belief which is respected within the cult is considered morally and scientifically true.

The thought reforms of Opus Dei are based upon similar context where they believe that science is unrealistic and that the only science which exists is the science of ‘God’. Thus these extremist views which are harbored by the members and inculcated within the members where the interpretation of ‘God’ is absolutely sacred. Hence they’re basically supposed to follow their spiritual director’s thought reform of ‘Sacred Science’.

Consistency of the Concepts

The political agendas of a country can be meddled with by using psychological concepts which have proven to be more effective than a direct approach of combat. We’ve realized that the ideology behind portraying pictures of ‘Soviet Communism’ and ‘American Capitalism’ both have had their respective results hence the photographs clearly proclaims the instigation of their influence upon the masses.


The language of politics and war certainly has a mind of its own. From the many concepts that have been released in the past and implemented, all have their specific means of authorizing the residents of a nation. ‘Totalism’ used by a cult is the basic perception of seizing the thought processes of an individual. By dwindling the mind and ultimately achieving the final stage of submission where the individual is compelled to relate himself with the ideologies of the cult.