Essays on Rape

Annotated Bibliography on Rape and How It Affects Future Relationships

Type of paper: Annotated Bibliography

Topic: Social issues, Rape, Relationships

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Published: 2019/09/24

Nicole R. Sorell (2008). Physical and Psychological Effects of Rape. Retrieved 29 Sep. 2010 From

This article deals with several effects of rape that is physical, psychological, economic effects and how affected persons can be assisted to seek therapy. According to Nicole, victims of rape suffer sever psychological effects; self blame, suicidal behavior, depression, hatred for the opposite sex, and a lack of interest in certain activities. In a concise and emotional manner, the author provides minute details of symptoms of each factor and how it can be handled. In one of the examples the author notes that, rape victims have been found to avoid companies of people of the opposite sex, for example if one was attacked by a person of the other sex. This article is very crucial as it provides relevant information for explaining why some people tend to avoid certain groups.