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Where to Study in the U.S.?

Ever wonder how people choose where to study in the U.S.? Get to know 8 major cities where most international students study.

University Admissions

Let us help you to prepare for admissions, find the right school, and get in.

What We Offer

Stories from Fellow

International Students Stories about adjusting to iStudent life from folks all over the world.

Working in America

Job search tips for iStudents, filing tax return, on-campus jobs.

Arriving in America

Once you got accepted and ready to settled in, iStudentCity has all the answers!

Living in America

Studying here is more than just reading books. It's about working with others, having fun, and discovering a new land.

Studying in America

Professor's expectation, classroom manner, study tips, and etc.

Writing & Speaking English

Simple guides to write and speak proper English for college education. Also we can help you to become a good essay writer.

Travelling in America

Where, how, and what to do when travelling in America.

American Culture

Ever feel like America is a totally different world? iStudentCity will help you understand how Americans live and talk.

Slang and American English

Learn to speak English like a hip...

Visa, Work Permit, and Immigration

iStudents' options to work and live in the U.S.

iStudentCity Tools

Scholarship search, currency converter, SSN office locator, and much more...

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