WOWESSAYS™ Honor Code and Statement on Academic Integrity

WOWESSAYS™ mission is to promote a personalized approach to learning and help students achieve their full intellectual potential. We strive to bridge the achievement gap and make individual assistance accessible to anyone regardless of their income, age, class, or geographical location.

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None of the resources listed above should ever be used in violation of one's affiliated institution's honor code, rules, and regulations. Essays from our free and premium libraries, as well as unique custom-made samples, should only serve as studying aid to model and inform students' own original work.

Our library of samples contains papers created for the purpose by our staff writers along with academic works kindly donated by students to facilitate learning for their peers and successors. We urge everyone using our website to respect their work and always cite properly when quoting anything from their texts. For your convenience, there is an accurate citation under any sample that you can copy and paste into your reference list for effortless source tracking.


We uphold

  • Adherence to highest intellectual standards
  • Accurate attribution of all sources cited directly or indirectly
  • Lawful and appropriate use of information
  • Honest acknowledgment of someone else's ideas, discoveries, or any kind of intellectual input
  • Sharing of knowledge between students and peer-learning

We condemn

  • Copying another's work and misrepresenting it as one's own
  • Quoting sources without clear attribution
  • Plagiarizing interpretations, ideas, or conclusions
  • Falsifying results or fabricating data
  • Assuming another's identity for taking tests and exams
  • Engaging in any form of deceit with the goal of gaining academic credits
we urge our customers

We urge our customers

  • Always cite resources obtained from our website and transparently credit ideas, conclusions, and findings of others
  • Always use WOWESSAYS™ in accordance with your school's honor code and regulations
  • Only submit work to our database if you own it or the owner has given you their explicit permission
  • Never pass any text found here or ordered from our writing service as your own either by intentional misrepresentation or by omission
  • Never ask our writers to assume your identity for test-taking, examination, or any other grade-granting activity
  • Never submit plagiarized work to our database

We urge our staff

  • Always use only legally obtained information for sample creation
  • Always follow citation guidelines and be transparent about sources of data and inspiration
  • Always act in the letter and the spirit of WOWESSAYS™ code of honor
  • Never undertake any assignment if you suspect its purpose is the creation of fake official documents
  • Never falsify experiments, statistics, or any other information that appears in the samples
  • Never impersonate students for test-taking, examination, or any other grade-granting activity
we urge our stuff
we urge companies

We urge companies

  • Respect our platform's ethical principles
  • Adhere to the rules and regulation of your industry
  • Use WOWESSAYS™ services only in accordance with your corporate policies
  • Never use any of WOWESSAYS™ resources for fraudulent activities, such as forging documents, creating fake reports, etc.
  • Never request from our writers to perform tasks that a priori break any of the WOWESSAYS™ principles

Report Code Violation

We expect our staff writers, freelance experts, and customers to honor the letter and the spirit of the above-mentioned academic integrity principles. We encourage users to submit a form reporting abuse if you have witnessed any violation of the WOWESSAYS™ honor code, including but not limited to:



(use of another person’s intellectual property without due attribution)



(assuming someone else's identity for taking tests and exams or submitting someone else's work under the guise of one's own work)

Fabricated sources or evidence

Fabricated sources or evidence

(citing sources and statistics that weren't obtained following a proper academic procedure)

Illegal activity

Illegal activity

(creating reports, statistics, or any official documents that are fraudulent and present false information without disclosing it)

Sensitive information disclosure

Sensitive information disclosure

(sharing confidential information protected by our privacy policy)

Hate speech and bullying

Hate speech and bullying

(any threats, harassment, or content that promotes hatred)

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