Writing a college paper is devilishly hard. It's not just laziness that you have to confront; it's the overwhelming, all-consuming complexity of the project that makes it terrifying to even approach it. Our website attempts to address this issue.

Here you will find examples of different types of essay. All of them are free; the only thing you need to enjoy and benefit from each sample is a minute of your time.

What are the different types of essays you can find here? Our enormous collection features all major types of essays. Let's have a closer look at them below.

All Kinds of Essays & College Papers in One Place

First and foremost, you must understand that there is no the one and only approach to classifying different kinds of essay.

Some say there are just 4 main types:

  • Expository essays: "I've research 27 sources and found out that there are over 2,5K varieties of apple grown in all US states. My interpretation of this data is that apples are very important fruit."
  • Descriptive essays: "This apple is red, round, juicy, cholesterol-free, and its pronounced fragrance make you feel like you're back at your grandpa's farm."
  • Narrative essays: "I will never forget the last night – so fabulous it was. However, it all started quite casually when I headed to the nearest grocery store to buy an apple…"
  • Persuasive essays: "Here are 5 scientifically-based reasons why all people should eat more apples starting today."

Others claim such an approach oversimplified and extend the list with:

  • Analytical essays: "Most apples in the XXI century are still picked by hand. This means that…"
  • Argumentative essays: "I believe that an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. And here is why"
  • Cause and effect essays: "If you peel an apple, you will get just a fraction of the fiber and antioxidants (i.e., vitamin C) that apples are rich with. And the lack of vitamin C in an organism can lead to scurvy. So eat apples unpeeled."
  • Compare and contrast essays: "Apple is a fruit and orange is a fruit. But apple belongs to the Maloideae family, while orange belongs to the Citrae family."
  • Critical essays: "Apples aren't prominently rich with vitamins and microelements. However, they are one of the most accessible diet fruits that contain pectin, hence preventing cholesterol concentration."
  • Definition essays: "Apple is…"
  • Process essays: "To cook an apple tart, you should take these steps… And by the way, when you bake apples, their molecular structure changes affected by high temperature."
  • Reflective essays: "Every time I eat a GoldRush apple, I think of my sweet home in Illinois…"
  • Rhetorical analysis essays: "In the 'Johnny Appleseed and the American Orchard: A Cultural History,' William Kerrigan uses multiple rhetoric techniques to illuminate the meaning of the eccentric apple tree planter Johnny "Appleseed" Chapman. Let's have a closer look at them."
  • Synthesis essays: "How apple-eating habits changed because of the COVID-19 quarantine?"
    and so on and so forth…

We prefer to think that the truth is somewhere in between, and essays' classification significantly depends on the academic level – high school, college/university, postgraduate, etc. However, regardless of the approach, we can assure that in our essay database, you will find any type of essay! Read them attentively, spot peculiar features, get actionable insights and best practices – and employ them to craft your own outstanding paper!

Any Type of Essays, Reports, Reviews, and Other Papers for Free to Up Your Writing Game

If exhaustion has dimmed your creative spark, use our free essay examples of academic writing for inspiration. They will let you get back into the creative groove, thereby saving you frustration and possible point loss. You are also encouraged to use these different types of essays and their examples to learn how to write well. All instances of scholarly writing featured here have been crafted by the best academic authors we hire. They work tirelessly to render professional assistance to students in college who find it challenging to write papers on their own. Given the breadth of the writers' expertise and skill, rest assured that the examples collected on this website are the most effective learning tools you can find. The subjects covered span from fairly general, such as Reproductive Rights, to extremely unorthodox, such as Analysis of Wu-Tang Clan Legacy. In addition to essays, we have gathered a large number of other samples: research paper, course work, case study, report, and article review among others.

Study our samples closely to learn the differences between various types of essay writing, expand your vocabulary, improve your syntax, and polish your punctuation. While you should abstain from copying our writers' papers – it will inevitably result in plagiarism charges – you are encouraged to imitate their style. By engaging in the mindful exercise of analyzing someone else's work, you will be able to learn the overarching strategies they employ to convey meaning to the readers. Not only does this approach make sense in theory, but its effectiveness has also been confirmed by a host of longitudinal studies. The researchers are unanimous: mindful imitation creates competent writers. Therefore, go ahead and stimulate your mind with phrases biting like acid or mellowing like a desert sun. Look for gripping mannerisms and cull invaluable lessons. Dissect the beauty of the written word to learn how to craft powerful papers of your own.

Any Type of Academic Writing to Overcome Writer's Block

You are trying to write an essay, but the first line seems to be off. So, you delete it. You shuffle the words around only to produce a similarly uninspiring line. This one also must go. Wash, rinse, repeat. Now, you are staring at the screen as hopelessly blank as your prospects of finishing the essay on time. You've encountered the most treacherous creature from the bestiary of spirits bedeviling a writer. Its name is writer's block. Fortunately, you have this website.

Our vast collection of essay topics with examples will help you to strike an effective blow against the writer's block. We have put all types of essays you can think of and made them available for free. While the salvific potential of this website is self-evident, it is necessary to explain what else we can do for you. Here, you can hire a professional writer who will finish your academic project if you are indisposed to execute it on your own.

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