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Wonder what case study format to follow for your paper? Use this case study sample base. All papers you'll find inside have been written by professional writers with extensive experience in their respective study areas. Choose an example of a case study that aligns closely with your academic needs and use it as a template for creating a perfect paper.

Case studies are self-contained academic assignments calling for students to investigate a specific problem and propose an effective solution for solving it. Early on, you have to conduct extensive research and consider an analytical method you will choose to investigate the case. Then, write the first draft. Although there are many types of case studies, all of them follow this basic format: the introduction, background, analysis, and conclusion. In the introductory section, set the stage by identifying key problems. The next step is to provide a panoramic view of the problem under investigation. After the readers have the necessary information to understand your analysis, present it in a clear and systematic manner. Finish your paper by summarizing your key arguments and findings. Check any student case study sample on our site as a template.

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