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Have you ever thought looking at all your completed essays, “What a waste! I’ve put so much work and thought into them and they have only been read once, graded, and doomed to obscurity”? Not anymore! Here you can donate them to our open essays database and help other students to learn.

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it makes a world of difference to see some real examples when you cannot figure out how to build your argument or how to begin even.

Besides, here your essays will live forever to inspire students struggling with writer’s block. This is your chance to pay it forward and save someone’s day!

It’s very easy. You don’t have to log in to submit your essay. Just fill out the fields with your name, email, and title of your work.

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  • As a contributor, you guarantee that the essay you donate is your original work and isn’t plagiarized.
  • When you submit an essay to our form, you confirm that you are the author of this work. Please do not submit someone else’s paper, even if they are okay with it.
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