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Oh yeah, WOWESSAYS™ is definitely worth its money! I ordered a business plan for a racket sports valley in a town with up to 200.000 population in Minnesota. What I received was a well-thought-through and detailed document that, from my point of view, didn’t need any changes. And it saved me days of research and complex writing, remarkable!
Racket sports valley business plan
un1c0rn / 3 March 2023
I wanted to edit my paper for the best result. I’m Ukrainian studying in the US and wanted this Visual Arts project to be perfect as it is very important to me. Editor kept all my ideas but changed the structure a bit and also corrected a ton of grammar and formatting mistakes. As a result, my project was recognized the best in the course.
Visual Elements to Support the Narrative in the ‘Year’ Movie on the Russian-Ukrainian War
Dmytro / 27 February 2023
Smooth communication, great paper – a good website to order a custom paper. My topic was ‘Current and Perspective Earthquake Prediction Technologies.’
Geology research paper
Kareem / 13 February 2023
I ordered a descriptive essay on a trending topic, and the writer offered a topic on the ‘Last of Us’ TV series, which, apparently, is a hot issue today – I checked before approving it. Although it looked more like a philosophical treatise to me than an essay, it got me an A-, so I guess WOWESSAYS™ know what they’re doing. At least, my writer surely did.
Real-Life Lessons from the ‘Last of Us’ Show
ellie+joel / 25 January 2023
Would you like to write a report on different sugar perceptions of blowflies? Me neither! So I bought it here from a Master of Science. And I will most surely do it again if I need to. The service is great, the price is bearable, the paper was fine – what else would you ask for?
Biology report
L1)0D / January 2023
Great essay! WOWESSAYS™ writer I chose quickly composed a really good paper on a hot topic. It also came with an anti-plagiarism report that showed 99% originality – 1% was a quote by field expert. I also checked paper through AI content detector – it was clean.
How Will ChatGPT Impact the Outsource Support Service Industry?
Hupta / 16 December 2022
That’s an awesome feature! You just tell that your camera doesn’t work or display some photo in group chat – and then get a concise and accurate synopsis in a Word file. Saves time, gets the job done, lets you focus on other things – fan-freakin-tastic!
Accounting online lecture to summary
William / 1 December 2022
My homework assignment was to implement a Java programming solution based on a prepared design. I opted to go with the Basic expert, and didn’t regret it. A coder the WOWESSAYS™ team assigned to work on my order did a great job and provided well-commented solutions. Perhaps, for more complex tasks, you’d need a higher expert category, but for my task, even a standard geek did remarkably well.
Java coding assignment
Stella / 23 November 2022
It’s an A! In a subject that I ever had an A in two years!!! I’d say it’s a freaking miracle, man! 13 Chemistry equations – 13 correct and accurately formatted solutions! Damn, that’s a great feeling!!
13 Chemistry equations
Malcolm / 18 November 2022
I got everything I needed, on time and properly written – it’s exactly what you expect from a writing service, isn’t it? If it is, this website can definitely help you.
Roe vs. Wade: Should It Be Overturned After 50 Years?
Jabari / 30 October 2022
Sterling customer service and substantive case study on copyright law in the stand-up comedy. Looks like you really can order a piece on any topic from WOWESSAYS™. Recommended.
Regulating Humor: Copyright Law and Jokes
Marsha / 9 October 2022
Fast and nice! A revision with minor amendments was made the same day, which was right what I needed.
Which Jobs and Professions Artificial Intelligence Will Never Take
Diana / 22 September 2022
Never was good with presentations, even those fancy websites that claim to make them automatically can’t help, I’ve accepted that I’m hopeless. So, when I need one for Social Studies or Biology, I order it here – works great every time!
PowerPoint presentation
Elisa / 3 September 2022
I ordered and got a personal statement from WOWESSAYS™ within the pre-agreed period – and it was quite impressive! What I liked the most was that my writer reached out to me to clarify details of my biography for precise writing – twice!!! If this isn’t an individual approach, then what is?
Personal statement
Ted / 16 August 2022
Great paper and incredibly effective service in general. It’s the fourth time when I have bought a paper via this website, with good results every time. Recommended company.
How Environmentalism Can Lead to Economic Collapse. Case Study: Sri Lanka (9 pages)
Harlon / 12 July 2022
Seven college-level math problems solved overnight, solutions delivered to my mail, everything went as fluently as it only could. A bit pricey for urgency, but a personal promo code saved me 20%.
Math problem solving & calculations (7 problem solutions)
8aRR7 / 10 June 2022
Fast and neat question & answer service. According to my grade, all 20 multiple-choice questions were answered correctly. My personal WOWESSAYS™ trust rating is 20 out of 10.
Q&A service, multiple-choice questions (20 answers)
12kenny34 / 27 May 2022
I know N.O.T.H.I.N.G. about China-Taiwan relations – and don’t really want to know. So when a teacher gave me this topic, I ordered a paper from WOWESSAYS™ – it worked out just fine.
China-Taiwan Standoff: 4 Scenarios for 2022 – 2030 (8 pages)
Allen / 9 May 2022
I ordered an essay without a topic and first was outraged when I saw the title, I hate this arrogant son of a b****. Yet, when I read the text, I even tipped the author, the text was hilarious!
Can Trump Be Better at Being the President If He Becomes One Again? (3 pages)
Mare / 18 April 2022
Great for undergraduate and bachelor-level papers, especially for international students. I regularly use several custom writing services, depending on where I can get the biggest discount. I can tell that WOWESSAYS™ send out special offers more often than others. With them, price-quality ratio is the best!
The End of the UN? How the World Failed to Prevent the Russian Invasion of Ukraine (8 pages)
Khuong / 7 April 2022
It’s a direct hit! Comprehensive answers to my questions based on credible sources (with links). I also would like to note quick delivery – three hours earlier than the 12-hour deadline. Customer reviews don’t lie – it’s one of the fastest Q&A services online!
Question and answer services (3 answers)
j!anna2003 / 28 March 2022
From my experience, it’s a reliable writing service with great customer support. A short essay I got was well-written, properly structured and correctly cited. Can confirm that the high WOWESSAYS™ rating on Sitejabber and Trustpilot is fair.
“Cancel Culture” as a Part of Western Economic Sanctions on Russia (5 pages)
Anton / 10 March 2022
Not once has this service failed me for over 18 months. Essays, research papers, calculations, reports – all were done great and delivered on time. This time I had a 5-page provocative essay about reverse discrimination, and it was a bomb! The discussion in class was soooo hot 😊
Can a White Cisgender Man Still Be a Role Model in Modern US Society? Case Tom Brady (3 pages)
r4#d0mGuy / 18 February 2022
Great work! Fast and neat! I know that if I tried to do it by myself, that would be a mess – creating PPT presentations has never been my strength, while WOWESSAYS™ are really good at it. Recommended.
Leadership in Nursing (PowerPoint presentation) (9 slides)
Luna / 13 January 2022
Apparently, our boomer hermeneutics professor loves the Matrix franchise, so he assigned us an interpretation essay about it once the fourth movie hit the theatres. I don’t get and don’t like this stuff, so I ordered a paper at WOWESSAYS™. Apparently, my writer is a boomer, too, and knows the topic inside out – I got an A ☺
What Do You Don’t Get? or The Hermeneutics of ‘Matrix’ (5 pages)
4neo / 23 December 2021
Great work on my term paper about DNA fingerprinting! On the one hand, they assigned an expert with relevant academic background. On the other hand, support managers were really patient and helpful when I decided to add a couple of Extra services to the order I had already paid for.
The Current State and Perspectives of DNA Fingerprinting (12 pages)
John / 16 November 2021
I suppose using WOWESSAYS™ paid off in spades. Found several awesome samples on technological advancements in accounting and built my paper around them, which saved me a ton of effort. Will definitely visit the database again.
Samples about the blockchain technology limitations and automated accounting solutions
Monique / 9 November 2021
Custom writing service and customer support are tuned like clockwork. Fully satisfied with the result. Genuine timesaver.
How can wealthy people help poorer people most effectively? (4 pages)
Jada / 13 October 2021
Ask me to craft a vlog or a video script – I’ll do it in minutes. Ask me to solve physics problems – I’d better wash windows… Not my thing. Luckily, my parents give me enough money to hire someone to do it instead of me, hahaha
Electromagnetic fields problems (7 solutions)
arcanEnacra / 1 October 2021
When I ordered this essay, all I wanted was to free up a couple of days in my schedule. Now I’m in trouble. My instructor liked the paper so much she wants me to elaborate on it and make it into a research project, LMFAO. I will definitely ask for this essay writer again!
Leveraging Jung’s Archetypes in Branding to Market to Gen-Z (6 pages)
Princess / 23 September 2021
Thanks for the good work! Reliable as ever. Comprehensive research and clear structure. The writer nicely combined materials and structures with acoustics and vibrations for holistic engineering take on the topic. Delivered three days before the deadline. Five stars!
Reduction of Domestic Noise and Vibrations in Urban Apartment Blocks (11 pages)
Jacob / 18 September 2021
I hate poetry. All this moaning, doom and gloom – it makes me depressed. Thanks for taking this off my hands. The writer did a good job, apparently. The grade was higher than my usual, but I would be happy just for not having to read all this cursed **** by a dead chick.
The Motif of Death in Emily Dickinson’s Poetry (4 pages)
H82CU / 19 August 2021
This is a trustworthy service, and I recommend anyone who needs help to come here. I was wary the first time I ordered, especially when the time came to give my financial details. Yet, I knew everything was going to be all fine when I started messaging my writer. This kind soul answered all my questions and reassured me, to say nothing about the excellent job she did writing my essay for me! Bless!
ED Employees Burnout Prevention (7 pages)
Dana / 3 August 2021
I had to reformat the data and solutions for some minor deviations from the class-recommended layout. Other than that, perf. All formulas and calculations are correct. The expert has chosen the shortest possible solutions for every problem. Kudos!
Thermodynamics problems (5 solutions)
Lex / 31 July 2021
Thanx for the profound analytical essay. Delivered on time with all my preferences properly accounted for. You can confidently trust WOWESSAYS™ writing academic papers, at least of general nature.
Who Is the Biggest Threat to the US in the Mid-Term – China or Russia? (10 pages)
Estrella / 8 July 2021
Great book review! The writer managed to impeccably communicate the idea of how modern feminist issues fitted in the classical gothic-themed romance novel. I recommend hiring the Advanced writer as they provide the best price-quality ratio.
How Feminist Twist Can Change a Classic Gothic Romance: The Case of "The Wife Upstairs" by Rachel Hawkins (6 pages)
$tr4ngeth1ng / 17 June 2021
The WOWESSAYS™ editor literally turned my draft into an accomplished academic paper with deep editing and proper formatting. He even requested several of my previous papers to mimic my writing style! I'm impressed.
Peculiarities in Treating Patients with the COVID 'Delta' (Indian) Variant (8 pages)
T'Ana / 30 May 2021
Very convenient essay examples directory with a broad selection of subjects – it helped me to come up with an interesting topic for my own essay.
How the Dream About Space Tourism Drives the Entire Space Industry Forward (4 pages)
Moira / 7 May 2021
Great research paper and good support
China's Expansion in Africa and Its Influence on the Development of Democracy in African Countries (5 pages)
Jiu-Cho / 19 April 2021
Based on my experience, that's a trustworthy website. Before placing the first order, I was primarily concerned is WOWESSAYS™ safe and confidential. I read the privacy policy top to bottom, plus a customer manager explained in detail how they ensure payment security and users' anonymity – sounded convincing. In the end, everything went smoothly, and I didn't even need to use my real name.
Costs and Benefits Analysis of a Personal Electric Vehicle Case Study (8 pages)
epiQQueen / 8 April 2021
When I hate the topic but still need to submit a paper, I go to WOWESSAYS™. I hate politics, so… Overall, that was my 13th order here; out of them all, only one piece needed a free revision, the rest were just perfect.
Is the US Turning "Left"? (11 pages)
Tanner / 13 March 2021
Poring over academic papers was not something I had been looking forward to with excitement when I went for a degree, I'm more of a kinda 'practical experiment' person. So, for various 'lyrical' papers I absolutely go here and get college essays that wow tutors almost unalterably.
Meaning of Life in Epictetus' "Of Human Freedom" (13 pages)
Estrella / 10 February 2021
A customer care agent asked me to wrote a review after I approved the paper the moment I received it, so here it is: everything was cool. I'm not much into politics and stuff, so when tasked with a critical thinking piece on this Capitol-QAnon thing, I googled an online writing service, selected one with highest rating, placed an order, and then just downloaded the finished paper without further ado.
How Americans Reacted to Capitol Riot (4 pages)
Ro$eQuiNN / 20 January 2021
Great service! My urgent term paper on COVID vaccines was delivered in less than 24 hours since I placed the order! With some minor amendments applied, the piece was ready to go for it. That's what I call reliable and professional!
The Effects of Different WHO-Approved COVID Vaccines on Public Immunization (9 pages)
Alyvia / 7 December 2020
A solid 7-page analytical essay on international relations in 6 days under $100? R u kidding me?! Of course, I was in! IMHO, if you want to get wow essay service – this website is your best shot.
Prospects of Trans-Atlantic Relations After Presidential Election in the US (7 pages)
Colin / 19 November 2020
Clear conditions, easy ordering, fair cost, wow writing quality. My advice is do your best to plan ahead and order as early as you can – as I did with my short research paper. That's how you get the most favorable price along with time to update your paper requirements – as I did with my short research paper 😊
Why Are C-Students Often More Successful in Life Than Straight A-Students? (3 pages)
mrnoxix / 11 November 2020
Thanks to WOWESSAYS™, I now know how much Biden's social media strategy sucks compared to Trump's, he's sooooo offline 😃 But that's not the point; the point is that the analytical essay draft I got complied with all standard academic requirements and followed all my instructions. Most def will order again.
Instagram in Biden's 2020 Presidential Campaign (5 pages)
Celeste / 24 October 2020
Strongly recommended for A-to-Z service: they've offered the topic, wrote the text, and even included several pictures although I didn't mention it. Maybe that was courtesy of my expert – I requested the TOP writer. Anyway, I'm completely satisfied.
Is Banksy a Historically Significant Artist? (4 pages)
m0na_n1ca / 2 October 2020
10 minutes to order – and the next day I got a decent 2-page movie review. Between these points, I also was contacted by a support representative who wanted to clarify my writing instructions – how awesome is that? He also tried to upsell paid extra services along the way, but that's OK, it's his job, right? By the way, the review was great as it came.
"The Social Dilemma" Movie Review (2 pages)
Bernie / 19 September 2020
I googled WOWESSAYS™ when I was looking for sample papers about BLM for my case study and ended up ordering detailed research – got in-depth stuff based on many sources. Once I've put the paper together, I came back here for editing and plag check. 100% satisfied with the result.
Decentralized Leadership: The BLM Movement Case Study (21 pages)
J-J / 8 September 2020
Great service, I'm fully satisfied with how it all turned out. The first draft was delivered ahead of the deadline, though needed some adjustment. The revision was done in 3 days at no additional charge. Recommended.
World's 4 Main Coronavirus Response Strategies (7 pages)
Kendrick / 21 August 2020
A perfect way to get rid of a monkey on your back when the assignment is total crap. Why the hell I must elaborate on a topic I'm not into whatsoever??? I don't give a **** about feminists and their issues, even if the teacher says I need to!!! In short, I guess my writer did a good job 'cause there was no criticism of my paper.
The Concepts of Motherhood and Maternity in Modern Feminism (8 pages)
boyd1998 / 13 July 2020
WOWESSAYS™ is my favorite high rating website because it's there for me when nobody is. These writers support me and help finish marketing papers. I have time to cram for exams and improve my grades. The service deserves my money.
Comparative Effectiveness of Vibration Transmissibility Assessment Methods (4 pages)
Kory / 6 June 2020
As a working mom, I really appreciate your help. Back when I had more time, it was easy to write an essay. Not so much anymore. Thank you for your excellent writing. It reads just like papers I used to write, which is great.
The Conflict of Isolation: From Rousseau to Kafka (9 pages)
Arlene / 1 June 2020
Writing doesn't fulfill me because I'm the left-brain kind of person, haha. All jokes aside, it isn't rocket science but I prefer to pay for it. And here I can do it comfortably with my credit card.
ICU Nurse-to-Patient Ratio research paper (4 pages)
Clyde / 30 May 2020
Somehow I'm feeling you'll be seeing me more. Good editing and you really have more honer then others
Concrete vs. Abstract Labor (4 pages)
Talia / 28 May 2020
I know that the use of services like this can be a contentious issue within the student community. But I never copy everything from WOWESSAYS™. I use them to study, which is honest and commendable. As such, this website is perfect for me.
Guided wave switch prototype calculations (2 pages)
Hamzah / 26 May 2020
Pursuing a college degree at 41 is a bigger challenge than I could have ever imagined. I stay motivated. I stay positive and resilient. But most importantly, I use wow writing service. It helps me persevere through the days when I'm facing writing disappointments. It's a real lifesaver.
Retention of Social Workers: Barriers and Interventions (6 pages)
Florence / 14 May 2020
Thank you for your SOLUTION. Very good term paper!
Social Acceptability of Domestic Abuse (3 pages)
Jayce / 12 May 2020
I'm writing this WOWESSAYS™ review to express gratitude for everything you do for me and especially for the last history paper. When I stuck on the discussion of Jefferson's legacy, you helped me to move forward. And the grade, uhm, I live for the results like this. Thanks a lot!!!
Thomas Jefferson’s Legacy (5 pages)
Bethan / 7 May 2020
Being diagnosed with ADD, I find it difficult to concentrate on research for long stretches of time. Thankfully, there's your service that helps people like me. Nothing can stop me now.
Management of the Non-Profit Organization (7 pages)
Alysia / 1 May 2020
I used to buy papers constantly, then when I established my style, good grammar, etc… I started to write on my own, and I enjoy it. I only buy occasionally now.
Impunity and Social Justice (2 pages)
Darryl / 28 April 2020
Thank you for creating a safe space to buy college essays. You are at the center of my college life when I feel busy. Kinda funny that I didn't know about you for two years and discovered you only now. Everything could've been different.
Plutocracy in the USA (12 pages)
Michael / 17 April 2020
A minor suggestion if I may – create separate sections for science and humanities. It would be simpler to order and find samples. Other than that, everything is perfect. Keep up the good job!
Modernization of Legacy CPU-Architecture Extensions (5 pages)
Jenna / 6 April 2020

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