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People buy poems online for all kinds of reasons: some will warm your heart; others can break it to pieces. However, every time the decision to buy poetry marks a watershed moment in someone’s life. We are honored to be part of these stories!

I wanted to ask the loveliest girl to the prom, and I knew that I must do something special. Make her feel special. Poetry did it for me. Thanks, WowEssays!
I commissioned an acrostic to come out to my parents. I couldn’t pluck up the courage. I knew I’ll get too emotional to finish. My writer chose the perfect words.
When I saw my first assignment, I knew immediately that taking poetry class was a big mistake, but it was too late to turn back. saved the day!
I write poems as therapy, but sometimes I feel blocked. Then I go to and order a poem. Example breaks the spell, and I can write again!
Bless this service for speaking my heart better than I could. Your beautiful poem now adorns the tombstone of my beloved pet that passed away last fall.
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