Essays on World War 2

Unemployment Rate of Windsor Research Proposal

Type of paper: Research Proposal

Topic: War, World War 2, Unemployment, Career

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Published: 2019/10/13

Before the Second World War Windsor was a very big city, boasting of over six largest automobile companies which included Ford, General Motors (GM), Chrysler among others. During those days, the city had very good employment opportunities. The population and immorality increased in the city tremendously and this force some companies to shift to other places considering there safety. Windsor was the center of prostitution, and slavery, and this led to many people migrating to the northern part of Canada where they would seek for better lives and good jobs. The poor only remain in the city since they had nowhere to go. In addition, with the uncontrolled birth rate, increased population meant that the available jobs belong only to a few individuals, which actually led people to engage themselves in crimes as a means of survival. The current unemployment rate is at 15.4%, and this is worse for any economy (Cooler, 2008). (more…)

Movie Review on Building Germany’s Holocaust Memorial

Type of paper: Movie Review

Topic: Cinema, Holocaust, World War 2, History, Adolf Hitler

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Published: 2019/10/10

The twentieth century war memorial is simply designed. It is simple in the emotions it raises. The monument standing on a rough piece of land the stelae nearly falling in to the centre of the position; then rising up again to the edge to form a myriad of crooked stone corridors. The passage along the corridor is scary and disorienting. The slanting ground and being short of vision offers various idea of Jewish incident from the World War II.


Film Analysis: Saving Private Ryan Movie Review

Type of paper: Movie review

Topic: Cinema, War, World War 2

Pages: 8

Words: 2200

Published: 2019/09/26


In 1998, Steven Spielberg directed a World War 2 film showing the events that happened during the Normandy invasion. The film was called “saving Private Ryan” and was based in Normandy and some parts of France. Screen play for the film was done by Rodat Robert with main actors being Tom Hanks as Captain John Miller, Tom Sizemore as Mike Hovarth, Barry Pepper as Daniel Jackson, Adam Goldberg as Stanley ‘Fish’ Mellish, Vin Diesel as Adrian Carpazo, Giovanni Ribisi as Irwin Wade, Jeremy Davis as Timothy Upham, and Matt Damon as Private James Rayan. The movie was produced to depict a very dramatic, strong, and serious theme. Indeed the result is that it was successful in proving the historical accuracy of the Normandy event despite the minor flows which are common in all movie productions. This hypothesis will be tested and proved in the following analysis and discussions.