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Making a college student write an essay about parents and children relationships may seem unfair to many. Indeed, what can yesterday's kids know about the hardships of parenting? This is a reason why the majority of such assignments are more of a descriptive and inducing nature. Nonetheless, working on these papers might help plant in young people the seed of understanding what responsibility lies with parents once they have a child. And that being mom and dad is not about punishing and prohibiting, but about influence and being a role model for kids who mostly learn by their example, especially in childhood years.

Of course, the topics of relationship between kids and parents are not limited to what we've discussed above. That's why you'd better have a closer look at our directory of free samples (we've already mentioned the importance of having a good model to follow). This is a perfect place to get inspired in case you need to come up with a decent topic for your paper or a non-trivial approach to 'my parents' essay. All examples were composed by experienced writers, many of whom are parents themselves hence providing valuable insight from the "other side."

By the way, if you need assistance with writing a piece related to parenting, our experts can help you, too. Be it a short essay about mutual respect or an analytical research paper on single-parent families, our staff writers will craft it from scratch and deliver right when you need it. Try our essay writer help and see for yourself how effective our aid could be!

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