Essays on Autism

Research Paper on How Computers and Assisted Technology Aid Students with Autism in the Classroom

Type of paper: Research paper

Topic: Education, Computers, Autism, Disorders, Students

Pages: 7

Words: 1925

Published: 2019/10/04

A Community thrives and blossoms, if it has a good education system. The quality of education in any country is always dictated by, the expertise that implements the curriculum. A properly trained teacher should be able to understand the individual differences of his/her learners in order, to cater for each pupil’s special needs. Every class has got a variety of learners, who need special methods of instruction for them to understand. A standard class is composed of normal learners, but within normal, class there’s, quite a number of outstanding learners. These are learners who deviate from the normal or average pupil physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially to, a level where, they cannot benefit from, regular classroom setup. Therefore, changing of school practice to introduce aspects of special education is unavoidable. A properly, modified class ensures that, the greatest academic potential of learners, suffering from autism is fully realized.