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Barack Obama’s rhetoric of hope helped him to win the historic 2008 presidential election. While the direction of race relations in the United States has not shifted dramatically, the majority of pundits across racial lines agreed that the victory was a historic milestone. Even though the notion of post-racial society had some traction among voters, it is commonly argued that Obama was a disruptor of the political status quo, which was more important to the public. He leveraged the people’s disillusionment over America’s failing foreign policy that revolved around intimidation rather than diplomatic engagement. Obama showed strong leadership that was necessary to restore the country’s faith in the political process. In the 2008 speech, he denounced Bush’s “dumb war” and promised to withdraw troops from Iraq. Clearly, the promise of transformation and its successful realization were crucial in regaining the momentum of hope in 2012, when Obama was re-elected to serve the second term as President of the United States.

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