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The viruses essay examples below cover etymology, history, evolution, origins, microbiology, classification, bacteria vectors, prevention, and treatment. A sizeable share of samples is focused on the discussion of viral infection transmission pathways and host defense mechanisms. In humans, as well as other vertebrates, the defense against viruses has three layers: innate immune system, adaptive immune system, and cell-mediated immunity. Nonetheless, some human viruses manage to escape immune response by blocking antigen presentation, evading natural killer cells, escaping from apoptosis, building up cytokine resistance, or engaging in the antigenic shift. When writing about epidemiology, mention horizontal and vertical transmission for different types of viruses and control measures that are used for their prevention. Your essay on viruses cannot be complete without the comprehensive discussion of vaccination as a method of stimulating adaptive immunity. Finally, add several points about the risks of opposing vaccination and effective ways of overcoming the negative attitudes toward the procedure.

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