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As a cradle of modern democracy, Athens deserves close examination of both history enthusiasts and high school students. If you do not know how to write about the emergence, development, and modern history of the city, use the examples below.

Whether through the strength of its political system, the courage of its inhabitants, or its propitious geographic location, the city withstood the Late Bronze and Early Iron ages as well as other tumultuous times better than other similar human conglomerations. The emphasis on Athens’ longevity in the face of disrupting forces can find a place in your thesis statement. You can also focus on the discussion of the city at its zenith when the exploration of silver mines in the Laurium fueled its previously-unseen expansion into neighboring territories. Your Athens essay should also mention the first half of the 20th century when it was occupied by German troops. Finally, discuss the current attempts of its citizens to provide refuge and sustenance for people displaced by armed conflicts in the Middle East.

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