Essays on The Odyssey

Zeus Essay

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Published: 2019/10/13


The Odysseys is a historic writing attributed to Homer in other words it is a Greek mythology. Through it were experience the life of one (Zeus) who is associated to the Greek culture recognize themselves with him and some of his deeds as Heroic to them. The Odysseys is like a mythological collection of the Greeks belief or the reason why they posses some practices in their daily lifestyle so is the Zeus and his portraits or statues in the current Greek state. To understand him all discuss him relying on the questions as my guidelines. (more…)

Why a Single Book of The Odyssey Was My Favorite Literature Review

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The Odyssey the Greek hero and his return journey after the Trojan War. Odysseus’s Voyage covers extensively the Greek world. All the way through the adventures of Odyssey, gods play an immensely significant role, with many of the gods liking him. His whole journey filled with arguments amongst gods. This story is said to be historically accurate and exceptionally significant to the ancient Greeks. Ulysses is illustrated to be a skilled warrior, athlete, masterful, articulate and courageous. In his trial to return home, he meets numerous adventures like the one-eyed Cyclops and the furious; god Poseidon who try to destroy him. He also meets the seduced sirens who lure him to distract from his mission through their seductive songs. The intoxication with Circe captures him with her mysterious magic. This story appears to be hard to believe in the present epoch, with great advancement in scientific knowledge. The Greeks believed firmly that the gods were accountable for every for daily occurrences.


Thesis Proposal on Epic of Gilgamesh vs. Odyssey

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The odyssey Homer translated by Robert Fitzgerald and Epic of Gilgamesh Translated by NK Sandars

The overriding issue in the two epics is the interaction between heroism and immorality. In the two epics, the protagonists are portrayed to be hard working, courageous and brave. Contrarily to their moral character traits, they are portrayed to be immoral. In the translation of Homer’s Odyssey, the protagonist has been explicitly built by Robert as a real achiever in heroism context (Hexer & Fitzgerald, p.113).  However, Odysseus is immoral and has no respect for himself and women in his community. Sandars translates Gilgamesh’s behavior as conflicting between heroism and evil. The two epics there is an emergence of wickedness and contempt among the heroes. (more…)