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Mythology is an umbrella term for legends and tales that have served as a primary source of wisdom in ancestral environments. The main function of most myths is to provide ready-for-consumption answers to perennial questions: Who created the world? Where do people end up after death? What is the meaning of life? The secondary function is to justify the existence of dominant social hierarchies. Thus, to grasp any dynamics of the underlying social structures and national identities, one would be well advised to dive deep into the myths responsible for the creation of national sentiments and provided individuals with the sense of belonging. Those myths that have survived the oblivion of ages are still applicable in the contemporary context and, as such, can be analyzed to explain the modern developments in popular culture. For example, there is no denying that Star Wars canon has been shaped by Greek mythology. It is also important to note that humankind would have hardly progressed to this point without the uplifting effects of narration rooted in mythology.

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