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Research Paper on Effects of Physical Punishment Based On Race

Type of paper: Research Paper

Topic: Physical Abuse, Punishment, Social Issues, Psychology

Pages: 7

Words: 1925

Published: 2019/10/11

African American vs. Caucasians


Physical punishment refers to any form of punishment that is inflicted on the body of an individual. It is quite different from the pecuniary punishments, which have nothing to do with the physical body of an individual. Most of the physical punishments occur in two major scenarios. These include the physical chastisement with respect to an offender. This is a punitive measure for one who has committed a crime. The other aspect is corporal punishment of children. This can be utilized as a disciplinary measure in schools as well as a method by parents of a child, in an effort to instill discipline in a stubborn child or one who has made a mistake worth disciplinary measure.