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A person can become a citizen of a country due to the right of soil or blood, change citizenship, get dual citizenship, and lose it. In simple words, everything is simple – but in reality, this topic is much deeper than that. It's a very good, deep, and interesting essay topic – and if you are going to write a citizenship essay, you've come to the right place.

Review essays (for example, "identity and citizenship"), expository papers ("citizenship and diversity"), persuasive essays ("the importance of citizenship for refugees," "birthright citizenship essay, " etc.), informative essays (say, a global citizenship essay that aims to inform the audience about this idea)... You will definitely have to write a lot of papers related to this topic. But don't worry – you can find any citizenship essay sample here, read it, learn about the writing practices of other writers, and come up with new bright ideas. There are dozens of samples here, and our database will definitely be useful for you!

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