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Science is a systematic endeavor of knowledge creation, testing, and organization. Your approach to writing an essay on science should follow a similarly-structured route. In the process of information gathering, you will find the following writing samples invaluable. Study them closely to find interesting scientific research topics you would like to write about. Also, use our free paper writer sample base to find an example of academic writing worthy of imitation. Analyze it to understand how to create your own science essay.

College and school students are introduced to three branches of scientific exploration over the course of their academic life: natural science, social science, and formal science. While there are considerable differences between the branches, all of them rely on the structured, objective, and measured exploration of distinct knowledge areas. In your essay, you should mention the key characteristics of the science branch under discussion, its importance, impact on the society, and its reliance, or lack thereof, on empirical evidence. Furthermore, discuss prominent figures that have contributed to the expansion of your chosen branch of knowledge and provide examples of landmark scientific discoveries.

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