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Computer animation is the creation of a moving image on the screen. More truly, it's an illusion of continuous movement – a sequence of static frames. Moreover, it's technically complex and constantly evolving art. It is precisely the wide possibilities of animation that allow directors not only to convey experiences but also to touch upon complex issues. A Japanese animator, Hayao Miyazaki, talks about harmony with nature, Tim Burton makes even a conversation about death fun, and Disney cartoons teach you to accept yourself and understand your own feelings. If you want to write about important issues but at the same time choose an interesting and good essay topic, an essay about animation is just the ticket. presents a directory with useful sample animation essays to help you with your piece of writing. Each animation essay example was crafted by an experienced author with several years of writing experience. Our examples will allow you to deepen your knowledge of such issues as animation technology, its origins, gender roles in animation, and much more. Use them as a source of inspiration or as a model to follow.

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