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In modern history, two spikes of general interest in body language can be pointed out. The first happened in 1981 when an Australian writer Allan Pease published his famous book "Body Language - How to read others' thoughts by their gestures." The second spike took place in 2009 when the TV show "Lie to Me" hit the screens. It depicted a deception expert who could solve crimes and crack the deepest secrets based on facial expressions and involuntary body language. Our thesis here is that you've got to be a real fan of this field to craft an essay about body language or its importance for cultural exchange. Otherwise, you might need some paid or free essay writing websites.

This is where our directory of free sample papers can come in really handy. Pick an essay or body language research paper and use it as a model to follow while crafting your piece. Alternatively, you can request more practical assistance from staff writers. They are ready to put together an entire custom written paper or compose any of its parts, be it an introduction, main body chapter or a conclusion.

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