Essays on English Language

The Decolonization Process in the Anglophone Caribbean Critical Thinking

Type of paper: Critical Thinking

Topic: Colony, History, English Language, Decolonization, Economics

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Published: 2019/10/13

The Anglo Caribbean refers to the former British colonies of the Caribbean region. They are English – speaking countries. The Anglophone Caribbean was colonized by the United Kingdom. Colonialism has left its lasting mark on the Caribbean states in terms of race and social stratification. The Caribbean society is full of class consciousness and struggle is always defined by race.    The Caribbean is identified by whites, Blacks and Brown.  Beside race, an individual’s social beliefs and cultural associations define classification. (more…)

English Teaching Essay

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: English Language, Learning, Education, Development

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Words: 275

Published: 2019/10/13

It is barely this week that I learned about the importance of I.S.P. Nations’ four principles of vocabulary teaching. It emphasizes that each of the students have an opportunity to learn vocabulary across four strands rather than teaching the vocabulary itself. Sufficient time allocation for the study of each of the principles is necessary to enable the students’ acquaintance with the vocabulary knowledge from each strand and diversify in all language skills. This will help them to learn and explore vocabulary with “balanced range of learning opportunities” (Nunan 133). The I.S.P. Nation’s four principles of vocabulary teaching are meaning-focused input and output, language-focused learning and fluency development. (more…)

Essay on Teaching English Reflective Journal

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: English Language, Skills, Learning

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Published: 2019/10/13

In TESOL class, I have learned that listening is a very important aspect of study of any language.  One way through which a second language learner learns a new language is by listening.  When they listen to the language above they use their “present linguistic competence”, to figure out the meaning of what they hear real time (Nunan 26).  Immediately, they connect the input information to their experience or something that they already know.  Using the cues in the situation, they then process the information to create “the meaning behind the words” (Nunan 24).  From this process, the language learners acquire language beyond their current level. (more…)

Language And Communication Research Paper on Vikings and Anglo Sexons

Type of paper: Research Paper

Topic: English Language, Vikings, Development

Pages: 6

Words: 1650

Published: 2019/10/10


Various contributions have been made towards the development of the English Language. The development has been a process and has taken quite a long time, and still, continues up to date. There are three stages in this development; however, this work is concentrated on the initial stage in the development of the English language. In this research, I have considered the impacts of the Vikings and Anglo Saxons. A brief history of the Vikings and Anglo Saxons as well as their contribution towards the modern English language has been covered at length.