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Lying is a complex philosophical concept. We encounter it almost every day and sometimes lie too, but this phenomenon is considered a vice and rarely has excuses.

The American author and philosopher Sam Harris once wrote that the lies of the high and mightiest turn into distrust of governments and large corporations; the lies of the weak make us insensitive to the suffering of others; and the lie of conspiracy theorists raises doubts about the honesty of whistleblowers, even when they are telling the truth. What could be the reasons to stop lying? How will your relationship change if you decide never to lie again? And how can you change those around you? You can try to find answers to these questions in your why do people lie essay. presents a directory with free samples. They may help you come up with ideas for your paper about the lie and inspire you to write a perfect essay. Study their structure, note meaningful points and questions raised, and essay writing will turn into pleasure.

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