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If you prepare for writing an essay about Martin Luther King, you will benefit greatly from our free examples. The examples below attempt to define the historical significance of Martin Luther King Jr. as the charismatic leader of the civil rights movement and discuss the multifaceted complexity of his life.

The major themes and topics brought up in our writing can serve as a guide for developing an essay outline. Study the examples closely to distill argumentative approaches to the discussion of the didactic historical figure in your essay. What should be borne in mind is the fact that the depiction of the civil rights movement in the media has contributed to the emerging framing of King as the pivotal element of the black struggle in the 1950s, whereas, in reality, the movement’s course wasn’t singlehandedly directed by him. Rather, it was propelled by a large number of less-prominent activists, ideologues, and institutional figures. King’s charisma and confidence were instrumental in crystallizing social change, but they were not singular factors. That’s being said, the discussion of the leader’s ability to produce spellbinding speeches and strike emotional bonds with crowds should make its way into your essay. At least short mentioning –either in the introduction or the conclusion – deserves his willingness to use non-violent strategies as a means of advocacy for political ideas.

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