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The Caribbean is a geographical name for a region between the Florida coast in North America on one side and Colombia and Venezuela in South America on the other. It includes several island groups, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the coasts of some South-American countries. Nowadays, the Caribbean is mostly associated with tourism, vacationing and leisure. Yet, centuries ago, it played a significant role in rivalry between European countries, which colonized the region. Later, this little paradise witnessed the world coming to the brink of the nuclear war between the US and the USSR during the Caribbean Crisis (a.k.a., the Cuban Missile Crisis) in 1962. However, not only because of this the Caribbean is interesting to research.

The region includes 13 sovereign states and 17 dependent territories, making it variegated in terms of culture, religion, and identity. That's a huge stockpot of ideas for the Caribbean Islands essay topics. Some of them are highlighted in our directory of free sample works. Have a look at them in case you need some inspiration or questions on how to structure different types of academic papers.

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