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Critical Thinking on Post-Independence in Africa and the Anglophone Caribbean: The Failures and Progress of the National Venure

Type of paper: Critical thinking

Topic: History, AfricaCaribbean

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Words: 275

Published: 2019/10/03

The African continent and the Anglophone Caribbean region share a common history. The two regions were colonized. Majority of the countries gained independence, through peaceful negotiation and armed struggle. Evaluating the progress of the two regions in the last five decades of independence is not easy. The task of evaluating becomes objective and reliable when the task is approached from the perspective of African and Anglo Caribbean nationalism, and the expectation of independence. Both the regions harbored complex nationalist. It’s possible for   one to; argue that the two regions sought to achieve the objectives of decolonization, nation building, development, democracy, and regional in integration (John, McLeod 2007:15-25).