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A hypothesis for a dissertation is a testable statement or a provable prediction based on research or experiment you conduct. Typically, it is relatively concise and should fit into one sentence. Here's an example of dissertation hypothesis basic structure:

We believe [SOMETHING or SOMEONE] is/will (not) [PRESUMED or PREDICTED ACTION] because [REASON]

For instance, "We believe prohibiting walks in a park as a part of total civil quarantine measures is irrelevant to preventing the spreading of COVID 19 because the virus is extremely hard to pass in outdoor conditions."

However, don't let the hypothesis's briefness fool you into thinking that writing it is a piece of cake. For one thing, brevity is the marker of talent: it's not that easy to apply the "less is more" principle when it comes to academic writing. And for another thing, you might have to write a detailed lead-in and explain how you came up with your theory.

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