Literature Review Examples and Templates

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To contextualize your research problem and identify areas of prior scholarship on the topic, you need to write a literature review. If you are befuddled by the complexity and scope of the task, do not worry. Below are solid examples of literature review we’ve collected for you. Use them to plan, outline, and fulfill your writing project.

There are two basic types of literature review: a summary of key sources and a summary combined with analysis. In the reviews of the latter sort, sources are usually organized within specific conceptual categories. As for the analytical approach, it may call for the interpretation and critical evaluation of published research, examination of the intellectual progression of the field, and identification of knowledge gaps and key topics. Therefore, when choosing a literature review sample, pay attention to its type and structure.

The introduction and conclusion of your paper should contain a clear problem formulation. Explain a problem under examination and its component issues. Also, make sure to organize your sources consistently. The most common organizational approaches are thematic, methodological, and chronological.

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