Stuck with Writing a Dissertation Introduction? Check Out These Sample Introductions to Get It On!

25 samples of this type

The dissertation is a pinnacle of your academic career. Hence, crafting it must come as a result of thorough preparation and planning. And creating a solid introduction is the first-priority mission. Remarkably, as crucial as it is, that's a really good idea to approach writing the introduction to a dissertation when the entire paper is ready. Why? Because this way you would have the whole picture in front of you, hence realizing which essential components and ideas really deserve mention in the very beginning. Also, this will allow to 'match' introduction to a conclusion and tie up the expressed ideas.

That said, check out our free dissertation introduction example directory for inspiration and practical writing patterns. This should give you a better understanding of how to present and structure the content that you want to include in an introduction. Remember that the introductory part should clarify the focus of your study, stress out the value of your paper, and – ideally – engage the readers.

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