Great Student Speeches Examples to Get Inspired and Improve Speechwriting Skills

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Dear friends! Fellow students! Comrades! Brothers and sisters! Ladies and gentlemen! Your majesties and highnesses! Freshmen and seniors! Our dearest users! Here, we address you to present the free samples catalog of the best speeches for students. We have a dream that in this directory you will find a speech example that will inspire you to create appealing rhetoric of your own and win the hearts and minds of your audience.

To this end, we’ve gathered dozens and dozens of various speeches in one place, including – but not limited to – the most popular types:

  1. Demonstrative speech examples;
  2. Informative speech examples;
  3. Entertaining speech examples;
  4. Persuasive speech examples;
  5. Motivational speech examples;
  6. Oratorical speech examples;
  7. Graduation speech examples.

Short, middle-sized, or long, these samples are meant to serve as a source of inspiration, great topics, and best speechwriting practices. A hooking opening, proper message articulation, relevant rhetoric, proper content structure, and, of course, storytelling techniques – these are the things you can learn from the published samples and then apply single-handedly in order to improve your own speechwriting skills. Moreover, among dozens and dozens of papers, you can find an example of a speech that you can use as a template or a perfect writing model to follow when putting together your piece.

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