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Dissertation Proposal on Speech Shortage in Schools

Type of paper: Dissertation proposal

Topic: Teaching, Education, Children

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Published: 2019/09/25

According to the ASHA, as few as 2 percent of licensed SLPs in any given state are also bilingual. Given the fact that there is already a critical shortage of SLPs throughout the school systems in the United States, who are skilled in English, this makes teaching and learning especially difficult for English Language Learners. A study in Colorado asked 154 SLPs who served children coming from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds about their comfort level working in a diverse environment (Guiberson & Atkins, 2012). The outcome of the study was that the SLPs felt comfortable when the diversity was of a cultural or racial type. However, cases involving linguistic minorities caused a great deal of anxiety among respondents. The SLPs would access interpreters to help them work with the students, instead of relying on family members, but even finding an interpreter was often a struggle. Also, the fact that these students could not access the English-language assessment tools also meant that there was some difficulty providing accurate diagnosis and services. Because of the reported shortage in available tools for assessment, and a lack of norming data for the development of language in children from diverse linguistic backgrounds, the quality of services provided was likely to suffer.


Dissertation Proposal on Establishing Respect among Middle School Students to Reduce the Number of Infractions to the Office

Type of paper: Dissertation proposal

Topic: Education

Pages: 10

Words: 2750

Published: 2019/09/20

1.1 Overview of the Topic

Middle school is a level of study that involves the transition of students from being children to teenagers, and such children are faced by both internal and external changes. Internally, they are facing the onset of hormonal changes occasioned by the onset of adolescence while externally they grapple with esteem issues and the need for freedom. Children in middle school present a complex disciplinary conundrum that requires tact and skill to manage effectively. This is in part due to idea of figuring out criteria for social interactions and in part due to minimal or lack of understanding on matters relating to respect (Eriwn, & Soodak, 2012).