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Whether you are a high school or college student, writing article reviews is a challenging assignment. If not already assigned by a professor, one is faced with the task of culling a myriad of sources to select a suitable article. When the preparatory stage is over, it’s time to write. If you want to have a broad idea of what your paper should look like, study our article review examples.

Select an article review sample that heeds closely to your writing instructions. Use this article review example as a template for outlining and later writing your own paper. Read the introduction to understand whether the review provides a summary or a critique of the source material. Then, follow the author’s format while making sure you faithfully reflect the content of the article. To make your points stronger, introduce one or two direct quotes in your writing. Do not forget to write a conclusion that makes a judgment as to how well-researched and useful the article is for either the field of study or your research objectives.

If you do not have time to go through all stages of article review writing, use the assistance of our essay writers. We can provide you with a comprehensive article review – on any topic whatsoever – in just a few hours.

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