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To help you write the best academic papers possible, we’ve put together book reviews examples. Study them closely to understand how the best writers approach the task.

First things first, select a book review essay sample and follow its format when writing your paper. It doesn’t matter whether you are critiquing assigned readings for school or crafting short book reviews for your personal blog, the basic structure stays the same: essential information, plot summary, praise and critique, recommendation, and conclusion. When summarizing the book, do not go into excessive detail. Instead, pick out the most important aspects of the source to give your readers the gist of what the story is about. The best practice is to dedicate the majority of your review to the praise and critique of the book. Make your opinion clear to provide the readers with an immediate understanding of how you felt about the writing. Another important thing is to accompany your points by direct citations and examples of elements that have captured your attention during the initial reading.

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