Annotated Bibliography Sample and Writing Tips

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Here you can find the best examples of an annotated bibliography. Follow them when writing a bibliography for your academic project.

An annotated bibliography can be either a standalone assignment or be a part of a larger project. In either case, its quality and applicability hinge on the quality of the selected sources. Therefore, you should develop solid inclusion and exclusion criteria for materials you are planning to review for your assignment. To establish the boundaries of the study, ask yourself: “What academic objectives am I pursuing? What topics and challenges am I investigating? Do the selected sources move to my research forward?” Once you assess the relevance and value of sources for your study, select a sample of annotated bibliography you can follow. Examine it to understand how to write comprehensive summaries for your own bibliography. Keep in mind that your primary objective is to identify the main arguments and conclusions made by the authors of the studies you choose to include in your paper. Explain how the said information contributes to your study.

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