How Much of Wednesday Addams Are You?
A Quiz to Discover the Percentage of Black in Your Soul

Wednesday Addams is an icon – no doubt about it. She went from a nameless girl with pigtails and forlorn expression in an original comic series to a central character of her own show staying true to herself all the way through nearly a century. Wednesday Addams dress is one of the most recognizable Halloween looks and also one of the easiest to create. Its laconic simplicity is a statement in itself with a bit of Goth and beatnik charm. Yet, it’s Wednesday’s personality that endlessly fascinates us.


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How Much of Wednesday Addams Are You?

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How Much of Wednesday Addams Are You?

You are:
Totally Wednesday

totally wednesday

You’ve embraced the darkness and pursue your morbid fascinations with all the passion of your young black heart. Your collection of decapitated dolls is envy-inducing, your skills in martial arts are unrivaled, and your knowledge of carnivorous plants puts renowned botanists to shame. You are good at everything you do. The only trouble you have is expressing your emotions and connecting with others – but that doesn’t bother you very much. You will find your tribe as soon as you realize you need it.

How Much of Wednesday Addams Are You?

You are:
Almost Wednesday

almost wednesday

You are a connoisseur of the macabre, be it Poe’s poetry, taxidermy, or serial killers. You probably hosted more than one Halloween party with a particularly dark and twisted theme. The grotesque fascinates you, and you would gladly join “the forces of darkness in their hellish crusade,” to quote Morticia here. Still, you are a tiny bit too cheerful for our girl Wednesday. Hopefully, life will correct this minor deficiency – it always does. Let’s say you are Wednesday in the making. Keep up the good job!

How Much of Wednesday Addams Are You?

You are:
Fairly Wednesday

fairly wednesday

There are days when you are lean Goth and seek solitude. Then again, there are other days when you begrudgingly partake in social events and even have fun (although you won’t admit it even to yourself). That would be too conventional! Yet the first step to embracing your inner Wednesday is to stop caring what others might think. Do what you love unapologetically! Dance like no one is watching. Get a pet viper. Or a Chihuahua – they can be vicious, you know.

How Much of Wednesday Addams Are You?

You are:
Occasionally Wednesday

occasionally wednesday

You are definitely an Addams, but maybe more like uncle Fester or cousin Itt. You have your sinister quirks, but you see them as flaws rather than something to be celebrated, so you tend to hide this side of your personality from the rest of the world. Sometimes people make you tired, and you become all grumpy and a teensy bit homicidal. Still, you never act on these thoughts. Indulging in revenge fantasy is usually enough to quench your anger.

How Much of Wednesday Addams Are You?

You are:
Barely Wednesday

barely wednesday

All of us have our little Wednesday in the attic. Yours, however, is lurking too deep below the surface. You are bubbly, jolly, and in touch with your emotions – a little blob of sunshine. Which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong! Yet Wednesday would disapprove – if she’d even care. Still, even the sun has spots, and no one is 100% Wednesday-free. If you think you are, you are lying to yourself. The brighter the light, the darker the shadows – don’t be afraid to explore them.

Evolution of Wednesday Addams


There are many flavors of this “child of woe.” Her first appearances in the original comic paint a grim-looking silent little girl fascinated with death, which is a callback to Victorian esthetic and gender norms. Yes, really. In Victorian times being brave meant different things for girls and boys. While boys were supposed to courageously fight in a war and conquer the elements in jungles and deserts, brave girls were taught not to fear death. Wise, really, considering how much of it was around at the time. Her silence can also be explained by her young age (about five) and the fact that the adults did most of the talking in one-panel comics.

The original black-and-white sitcom fleshed out her character and finally gave her the name. “Wednesday” was inspired by a traditional nursery rhyme, according to which a child born on this day is “full of woe” as opposed to, say, a “Tuesday child” who is “full of grace.” She is, however, a cute and sweet little thing in the series, loved, supported, and pampered by her parents. In fact, Wednesday acts and sounds the most “normal” of her family. This often lulls unsuspecting visitors into a false sense of security until they meet the rest of the Addams clan. Apart from caring for a pet spider, owning a decapitated doll, and drawing trees with human heads, little is spooky about sixties Wednesday.

The nineties movies starring Christina Ricci made Wednesday a darker character with violent tendencies and a penchant for sadistic games. From a cheerful child, she blossoms into a morbid teenager, torturing her brother Pugsley, burying cats and people alive, attempting to kill her infant sibling, burning down a summer camp, and delivering sinister one-liners with an iconic deadpan expression.

The recent Netflix addition to Wednesday canon sees her sixteen (which is anything but sweet). She properly grows into her dark personality, with all the grisly interests and signature black humor. Plus, she gets psychic abilities that allow her to see the past and the future and commune with the spirits. Still, Wednesday isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty for maiming her schoolmates, digging up graves, and investigating gruesome murders.

Why do we love Wednesday Addams?

What exactly makes the pale spooky girl who does not seek popularity our undying fave? We believe the answer lies in her confidence. We all wish to be as comfortable as she is in her own skin. We all want to genuinely not give an F about what others think of us. We would love to be able to speak our mind, scathing and unfiltered. Unleashing piranhas on bullies without barely any consequences to ourselves would also be nice…

Another enviable thing is, of course, Wednesday Addams’ family. Despite all the dark twists, the Addamses are ironically very wholesome as a family unit. We all want supportive parents who don’t just accept us despite our quirks but really appreciate and nurture what we are. Even now that Wednesday goes through her teenage rebel phase, leaving her family in the rearview mirror, we know where she comes from. She is a member of a tight-knit group who would take a hatchet for each other… then use it against the fiend and efficiently get rid of the body – no questions asked. Being validated and accepted so wholly from her earliest years, Wednesday carries the sense of belonging with her – and doesn’t seek it anywhere else.

This radical selfness lies at the core of her charm under the layers of ghoulish and macabre. So if you want to be more like our gloomy girl, you don’t have to spend hours watching tutorials on Wednesday Addams makeup or thrift tirelessly to assemble your very own replica of Wednesday Addams costume. You need to embrace your authenticity and allow yourself to be unapologetically you. Even if it doesn’t involve pet spiders, torturing siblings, or guillotining dolls.

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