The Last of Us Quiz: Which Character Are You Based on Your Student Type

One of the most anticipated TV shows of 2023, ‘The Last of Us,’ is already out there, and viewers and critics are delighted. Based on the highly praised 2013 PlayStation eponymous game, the series narrates the story of Ellie and Joel making their way – difficult and dangerous – through the post-apocalyptic world ravaged by an incurable fungal infection. Formerly living humans are now untypically floral zombies that exist only to spread fungus by infecting the remaining living.


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The Last of Us Quiz: Are You Ellie, Joel, or the Infected?

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The Last of Us Quiz: Are You Ellie, Joel, or the Infected?

You are:
Sarah Miller!
(teacher’s pet)

sarah miller

Smart and organized, Sarah is great at studies and, apparently, has above-average intelligence. Academic awards above the computer in her room, including an Honor Roll certificate, prove her abilities. We bet that, like Sarah, you like to take front seats in class, raise your hand often, and don’t shy away from asking a teacher many questions or additional explanations after the lesson is over. You also try to never put your homework off until later and do all the assignments as soon as you come home back from school or college. However, even such diligent students have growth area, which includes better performance under pressure, improvising, and the ability to normally live without regular teachers’ praises.

The Last of Us Quiz: Are You Ellie, Joel, or the Infected?

You are:
Joel Miller!
(hard worker)

Joel Miller

Tough and only relying on themselves, hardworking students put a lot of effort and care into their studies. Let’s face it, Joel isn’t remarkably bright, but his devotion and perseverance, along with experience, compensate for that with interest. Another thing that allows such students to succeed is their ability to quickly act under pressure and find solutions single-handedly in cases when others would already be looking for help. On the other hand, their motivation and commitment to studying can cause hardships in communicating with other students, as they might remain grumpy even when it’s really not needed. Also, they may have a hard time learning new things and implementing new approaches, so that’s where they can find the key to unlocking their full potential.

The Last of Us Quiz: Are You Ellie, Joel, or the Infected?

You are:
Ellie Williams!
(quick learner)

Ellie Williams

Ellie is evidently clever and resourceful and learns new things really quickly. Though quite well-organized, she might have trouble with discipline, as she is considerably impulsive and temperamental. As a result, feeling alienated is not something uncommon for her. Students of this type do spend some time reading the necessary materials, yet soon they might get bored, thinking they’ve already grasped the main point while the details are not that important. They often make up for the lack of factual knowledge with their creativity. When finding themselves in a difficult situation during studies, they easily improvise using their agile mind, which in most cases lets them achieve the desired result. Patience, staying focused, and planning are the growth areas for quick learners, mastering which can take them to the peak of an academic career.

The Last of Us Quiz: Are You Ellie, Joel, or the Infected?

You are:
(natural leader)


Marlene is the leader of the Fireflies, a paramilitary organization that fights against the totalitarian rule of FEDRA – and that says a lot about this type. Such students aren’t afraid to face any challenge a teacher may throw at them. They are easy to spot when students work on a group project, as the leader will take over, assess everyone’s skills, and delegate tasks to group members accordingly. The thing is, leader students rarely question their own decisions and don’t allow others to do that. As a result, they may take the followers in an entirely wrong direction, regardless of the warning signs. As a student of such type, you should always remember that – even unwillingly – you will often be responsible for what and how others do. Carefully analyzing your decisions and their consequences, as well as listening to alternative suggestions, will definitely let you perform even better.

The Last of Us Quiz: Are You Ellie, Joel, or the Infected?

You are:
the Infected!
(clueless slacker)

The Infected

When infected, humans in ‘The Last of Us’ practically lose the ability to self-organize – and this is the main trait of slacker students. Poor time management, little learning enthusiasm, inattentiveness in class, lack of engagement in group projects, and other similar drawbacks are typical for such people. They often just go with the flow, being only motivated by some kind of reward. If you belong to this category, we’ll leave it up to you to decide which type of the infected you’d like to be – runner, stalker, clicker, shambler, or bloater (no, Rat King is definitely not your type). The bottom liner here is that you should get yourself together and don’t wait to be called out for not doing your part. When in class, be present and do your best to stay focused on the subject – you’ll have enough time to plan a party with friends later!

The Last of Us

The TV series has already received multiple ecstatic reviews from players, viewers, and critics. On the one hand, this makes ‘The Last of Us’ stand out from the array of disastrous screen adaptations of otherwise quite successful games, for example, Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Max Paine, etc. On the other hand, unlike any of the above-mentioned adaptations, ‘The Last of Us’ show is remarkably close to the game it is based on. Hence, even people who have never played TLOU on PS can fully immerse into the world this franchise showcases.

The most vivid feature of the game and now the show is that it makes players and reviewers feel uncomfortable, confused, angry, and simply bad, really bad. Along the way, you are unobtrusively presented with a number of philosophical concepts that will resonate with various people. These concepts include the ideas of destiny and fate, power and justice, reasons to live, companionship, and finding yourself. For some, this journey begins after the end of the world as they knew it; others seek their place in the only reality they know as they were born into it after the infection took over. Also, one cannot but notice the duality of dark and depressive human existence and the magnificence of nature that blossoms through the remains of human civilization.

However, ‘The Last of Us’ is not so much about survival as about people, their feelings, and changes in their behavior. The thing is, the characters in the game and in the show are… normal. They are not superheroes or highly trained operatives; they don’t possess unique skills or unlimited pools of supplies. They are neither good nor bad, and of course, they are not morally impeccable. They are just normal people who have to make hard decisions and do whatever it takes to survive and protect their close ones. They make mistakes, they do wrong and irrational things, they bond with each other, and they try to find the meaning of life – just like any of us.

As a result of such an approach and perfect narrative, players and viewers experience heavy emotional immersion and closely relate themselves with TLOU characters, although there are not that many of them. The TLOU quiz below will help you figure out which character you are based on your learning habits and certain personality traits. So, take a break from your studies or searching for a great writing model by a free essay writer in the WowEssays sample database and find your alter-ego from ‘The Last of Us’!

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