What Kind of Student Are You From “Harry Potter”:

Personality Quiz That Will Improve Your Learning

Not magically, sorry. For our quiz to work, you will have to actually follow our tips. That’s the downside of living in the Muggle world, but there you have it. If we were magical, we would have better things to do instead of procrastinating and going through online personality quizzes, heh?
Anyway, you will learn something about yourself. Hopefully, understanding your strong and weak sides as a student will allow you to study better.


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What Kind of Student Are You From “Harry Potter”

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What Kind of Student Are You From “Harry Potter”

You are Harry Potter!

you are harry potter

Your stubbornness becomes your superpower once you find your passion. Harry wasn’t a particularly focused student until he decided he wanted to be an Auror. That motivated him enough to study even the subjects he wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about. When you see your goal, you are ready to sacrifice a lot to achieve it, even break the rules occasionally, as Harry did when he decided to learn and teach practical defense against the dark arts after Umbridge sanitized the curriculum.

Strong sides: Passion for long-term goals, grit, perseverance, leadership.

Weak sides: Disregard for things that (seemingly) aren’t relevant to your goal. Like Harry, you are prone to tunnel vision, so you don’t see less obvious pitfalls on your way. Also, if you don’t have a clearly defined destination, you have a lukewarm attitude to learning and risk squandering your potential.

Tips for better learning: You need friends and mentors to show you some not-so-obvious benefits of studying wider and deeper and warn you against rash decisions. Perhaps, you could come to your academic advisor’s office more often than once a year and actually listen to what they have to say about your academic progress and career perspectives. Also, try to develop some interest besides your all-consuming passion. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – in real life, having plan B always pays out.

What Kind of Student Are You From “Harry Potter”

You are Hermione Granger!

you are hermione granger

Independent, rational, and highly intelligent, you clearly know how to study, so who am I to teach you? You are book-smart, disciplined, and curious – every teacher’s dream student. You have excellent memory and attention to detail, which allows you to see a pattern where others see random chaos.

Strong sides: Time management, problem-solving, planning, logic, level-headedness.

Weak sides: You aren’t very cooperative. Like Hermione, you don’t trust others to be as good as you are at studying, so you do everything alone. Also, your thirst for knowledge often leads to overspreading, so beware of stress and burnout! Unlike Hermione, you don’t have a time-turner.

Tips for better learning: Don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed, and try relying on others for a change. Next time when you are assigned a group project, how about letting others do their part instead of saddling yourself with all the work? Don’t dismiss your less organized peers because they seem irrational and lazy. They got admitted to the same school as you, so maybe they aren’t hopeless after all. Who knows, perhaps you can even learn something from them. For example, cutting yourself some slack once in a while.

What Kind of Student Are You From “Harry Potter”

You are Ron Weasley!

you are ron weasley

You might not be the most diligent and school-oriented student, but you have your moments of brilliance. Like Ron, you know your worth, own up to your shortcomings, learn from your mistakes, and aren’t afraid to take advice. You are most likely to be a social animal at school because your easy-going nature and good sense of humor make you the life and soul of every party. Yet that’s not the point of your education, is it?

Strong sides: Grounded attitude, sense of humor, steadiness, application, being comfortable in your own skin.

Weak sides: Laziness and lack of ambition. Maybe, like Ron, you had too much to live up to, so you gave up all attempts to impress your demanding parents and teachers. Yet perhaps you just don’t bother because you feel great as it is. Medium is golden for a reason, right?

Tips for better learning: Happy-go-lucky students often become college dropouts but do not always become successful entrepreneurs. Just saying. You have all the talents to achieve success in any chosen field, but you need constant encouragement to accomplish anything above the bare required minimum. Find someone who will push you further: a friend who will cheer you along or a rival to spur your competitive spirit. A bit of planning and goal-setting will make you a more productive student. Also, gamification works wonders for hard-working people like you who fail to see the fun in studying for studying’s sake.

What Kind of Student Are You From “Harry Potter”

You are Luna Lovegood!

you are luna lovegood

Unique, quirky, inquisitive, and non-conforming, you aren’t afraid to speak your mind and do what makes you happy – no matter what others might think. You find joy in pursuing your extracurricular interests – be it music, learning an obscure language, or upcycling garbage to statement jewelry. Instead of distracting you from the core curriculum, your hobbies are your outlet and inspiration. Learning comes naturally to you because you genuinely enjoy acquiring new knowledge and have a good memory. Every school day is an exciting adventure if it’s done your way!

Strong sides: Perceptiveness, creativity, intrinsic motivation, loyalty, positivity.

Weak sides: Escapism, overreliance on intuition, lack of self-awareness. Asking questions is a key part of understanding new concepts, but your penchant for turning everyone’s attention to some uncomfortable truths and problems can drive your peers away from you, which is unfortunate.

Tips for better learning: Like Luna, you are often alone, and you are doing just fine in the world of your own, but you are not a loner by nature. You need to get out of your shell. Friends and community will enrich you and make you stronger – and do much better with your contribution too! To study better, join clubs and study groups. Try to find your tribe of like-minded free spirits.

What Kind of Student Are You From “Harry Potter”

You are Draco Malfoy!

you are draco malfoy

You are highly intelligent and probably top of the class – either due to natural talent or the fact that only the best was always expected of you. Chances are you are a legacy student. If you are a first-generation college goer, you have probably been striving for this since preschool to make your family proud. Others may think that excellence comes easy to you because you hide your emotions well, but being a high-achiever is stressful, which takes its toll on you.

Strong sides: Intelligence, ambition, in-depth learning, talent.

Weak sides: Insecurity, eagerness to impress, fear of letting your parents/teachers/your idea of perfection down. You often sacrifice your actual needs in favor of something others perceive as prestigious and desirable.

Tips for better learning: Try listening to your own passions instead of following the road laid out for you by parents or pursuing things that are perceived as worthy by others. You don’t want to become a miserable nepo baby in a highly prestigious job you hate deep down. Try taking some courses on a whim just because they seem like fun. Start a passion project even if it doesn’t fit into the rigid schedule of the “path” you (or some knowledgeable others) set for you. Discover what really makes you tick and succumb to your curiosities! With your talents and dedication to goals, you can achieve excellence in any field, even without the privileges of the old-boy network.

How to Use This Harry Potter Character Test


“I know how to do online quizzes, geesh! I’ve been doing tests like “Which Harry Potter female character are you” since my first owl arrived with the Hogwarts acceptance letter!” However, do you really? Or do you play those quizzes like the game of chess to get the result you know you want?

Let’s be honest. We’ve all cheated on a Harry Potter character test, House Sorting quiz, or some other questionnaire to manipulate the result. Or is it a strictly Slytherin thing?

Anyway, this time you want to keep an open mind and try to answer as close to reality as possible, given the limited number of options. Don’t seek out the desirable outcome, but rather let it be an adventure. If you don’t like what you get, don’t dismiss it immediately. Maybe your gut reaction to reject the result is only because it hit too close to home?

Why Do We Love Personality Tests So Much?

If you are a personality test addict, don’t feel bad – most of us are. Otherwise, personality tests wouldn’t be so popular in the first place! Being curious and wanting to learn something new about yourself is deeply ingrained in human nature.

As social beings, we constantly oscillate between our desire to be recognized for what makes us unique and the need to belong to a group. Personality tests cater to both ends of this existential spectrum. They allow us to reflect on our individual characteristics but also give us the satisfaction of knowing that we share these traits with others and are not alone.

Another thing that makes personality tests so compelling is their reassuring structure. We hate randomness and love to categorize and label everything under the sun. Personality tests let us put complex emotions and relationships into neat boxes and make sense of the world.

The bottom line is: don’t feel bad about indulging in personality tests instead of studying for your exams. You do learn something while you procrastinate, and you entertain your curiosity. However, everything is good in moderation. So after you find out which Harry Potter character fits your student profile best, follow our tips for better studying and actually study. If you procrastinate because of writer’s block, start overcoming it by visiting our 100% free essays library and finding your inspiration there!

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