Argumentative Essay on Is America Changing Its Position On Race Relations In The Twenty First Century

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Published: 2019/10/05

Racism has always been a topic of argues, rebellions, fights and even wars. Having such a diversified world, people have always found it very difficult to live with other nationalities. Moreover, after the ‘launch’ of globalization and integration, people have understood that there is no uniqueness left in a single country anymore. Some have managed to cope with it, while others are revolted, filled with indignation and hatred to others, who at least somehow differ from them.

The United States is a bright example of a multinational country: it is embracing dozens of nationalities from all over the world. It is opening its doors to thousands of people of different nationalities daily, providing them with work, food and shelter. However, the issue of racism does not but springs up more than often. The main goal of this paper is to understand at what ‘step of racism’ the United States are now.

As of now, racial tolerance still remains to be a clear trend in the US society. Undoubtedly, during the past ten years a significant positive change has been made regarding the racial relations in the United States. Nonetheless, despite all the steps taken racial injustice still remains a crucial aspect of the society with implications throughout our governmental systems. However, the Americans still do all possible to strive for the equality of all the Americans; as a proof of this fight, the NAACP can be mentioned. The National association for Advancement of Colored People, founded in 1909, is the oldest and largest civil rights organization in the United States. Starting from the ballot box to the classroom, hundreds and thousands of people, dedicated workers, leaders and members of the NAACP keep on fighting for social justice for all Americans.

Thus, the NAACP along with other governmental authorities is doing all possible to move the American nation forward: the organization has joined almost 200 organizations representing people of all races, as well as creeds and faiths to establish a movement, which would pull America back together. Another action, taken by the organization passed the Tea Party resolution, which was demanding the leadership of the Tea party to repudiate its racist members and make it clear that the organization should not bear bigotry. It should be mentioned that the Tea Party rallied sigs, where they depicted Obama as a jungle savage, taxpayers as slaves and congress as slave owners. Moreover, under the study, conducted by the New York Times/CBS News white supporters of the Tea Party were more eager to believe that the administration of Obama is more in favor of blacks than whites; according to the same study, they are convinced that too much has been done of the problems of black people, rather than white.

The thing is that people are, unfortunately, too far from being nationally friendly in the United States. First and foremost such ‘hatred’ comes from the mass media, as we have seen it on the Tea Party example, as well as the politics. Recently, republican Spike Maynard, who is the West Virginia candidate for Congress, attacked one of his opponents, Nick Rahall, saying that he is “good for the Middle East” and “bad for America.” It is common knowledge that Nick Rahall is Arab-American, but it does not make him a terrorist or a drug dealer, as accused by Maynard.  (Kareem)

Another politician, Illinois state Senate candidate Al Reynolds, has recently said that the real reason why women of color are better represented in higher education rather than their male counterparts: “that most minority women… are motivated more so than the minority men. The minority men find it more lucrative to be able to do drugs or other avenues rather than do education.” (Kareem) Such a position from a politician does not but raises a storm of protest, as he has no grounds to claim such things.

If one surfs the net, he will find much about racism in the United States, undoubtedly, it has been already done much to fight racism and boost people’s perception of other nations. The very problem is that people are still too ignorant to admit the fact that people are different, but are similar at the same time. The government, facing many economic, political and other problems, tries to hide the reality under an illusion of a huge problem – racism, which is actually, boosted by them on purpose. At the same time, people are too scared to look into real problems and face the music. Racism, as well as religion, has always been a strong weapon of all times, a weapon, which clashes people with each other.

At the same time, we should admit, that the situation over racism has changed dramatically, as people have become more tolerable to each other. Even if we compare attitude to racism 60 years ago and contemporary society, we will see two completely different pictures: during the WWII hatred to other nationalities other then Aryan, was a key inspiration of the Nazis, contrary to the present days.

The world is changing, at least it is trying to change, however, it is high time to start changing ourselves – we are to become less ignorant, we are to start thinking, we are to start respecting others, irrespective of their age, gender or nationality; and only if each and every person starts first and foremost from himself, the world can change to better.

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