Critical Thinking on 1960s Social Trends

Type of paper: Critical Thinking

Topic: United StatesWarMartin Luther KingRacismCivil Rights

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Published: 2019/10/05

Civil war is mainly a war betwixt two organized groups which are just within the same nation or betwixt two countries which may have been formed from a previously-united nation where the aim of one side is to take control of other country or a certain region which can also result in changing the government policies. The African American civil rights movement was a kind of series reform movement which its aim was to protest against the emerging racial discrimination against the people whom their origin was African American.

As a result of this racial discrimination, there emerged a group of some African American leaders who were aggrieved at the racist and discriminatory practices meted to them.  They organized themselves to carry out remonstration rallies which ended up becoming the voice of African American and as well a historic movement in American history.

Among the protesters was Martin Luther king, Thurgood Marshall and students from North Carolina Agricultural and Technology College. These students were protesting against the Vietnam War and as well against the fleeting of the most superior civil rights laws. There protest started when a group of black students went and ordered a coffee and the waitress refused to serve them unless they take their coffee while standing since the counter was only fated for the white. This behavior pressured the students and they decided to have a peaceful protest which was copied by other students from different parts of the country where they even formed a protesting organization referred as Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and many other forces were joined by different members and even emerged different forces like Equality Congress of Racial (CORE) which fault for the congress of racial equity.

The act of in equality and discrimination is shown by the student who was called James tried to join the Mississippi University where the officials caused obstacles which resulted to the signing of a major civil rights bill in the year 1964 which prohibited discrimination accounting of origin, gender, complexion and race among others. This act was not emblazed at first by many people as it was like a hide and sick game for both parties the black and the white since after the white managed to buy cars, they could not give seats to the white and its after them being arrested they become used to and at last the case of discrimination was overcome in 1968 where the civil Rights banned discrimination in the rental and also sales of houses.

In conclusion, the 1960s Civil was the best that one could be involved in since it resulted to fruitful result and it was one of the peaceful protest. It did not give room to discrimination as both parties came to be used to each other. On the other side, if there were no protests for the black, there resulting behaviors like Restriction for the black, no chances could be given to the black well the black could have become slaves even in there own home and therefore this civil protest helped ones life in having a peaceful and a non-racism countries.