Critical Thinking on Sustainable Development

Type of paper: Critical Thinking

Topic: Development, Environment, Economics, Environmental issues, Society

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Words: 275

Published: 2019/10/05

In the current times the society is facing many problems of different nature. Some of these problems include for instance; homelessness, racism, poverty, educational issues, environmental problems, child abuse, and drug abuse. Environmental and economic issues can be said to be the major problems that the society experiences today. In order to deal with these problems, strategies have to be laid down on how they can be minimized.

One such strategy is sustainable development. According to Baker (2006), many definitions for sustainable development have been put forward. However, it is most commonly defined as the utilization of resources in such a way that human needs are met while at the same time aiming at preserving the environment for the generations to come. In other words, it is a development that aims at meeting the current needs of people without compromising the ability of the generations to come meeting their own needs.

Many of the economic and environmental problems can be addressed by sustainable development. For example, the issue of utilization and allocation of resources in the society and preservation of the environment can be appropriately addressed by sustainable development, (Schmandit & Ward, 2000).  By employing this principle, planners will not only be aiming at efficient ways using resources so as to maximize the utility of the current generation but also, they will be factoring in the needs of the future generations. Besides, the principle will also help in the reduction of the income disparity gap in our society is it is taken into consideration in the allocations of resources of the society.

To conclude with, implementation of sustainable development involves a number of issues. According to Rao (2000), such issues include, changing of unsustainable designs of production and consumption, protection and management of economic natural resource base and social development, health and sustainable development, and sustainable development in the globalizing world. All these issues should be addressed in details if at all the positive results of sustainable development are to be realized.