Goal of Your Goal – Visualization Practice Essay

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Goals, Life, Strategy, Sociology

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Published: 2019/10/10


Goals are crucial aspects in the life of human beings as they generate a sense of direction towards realization of set objectives. However these set goals are never perfect and need constant reviewing and evaluation for purposes of adjustment depending on emerging circumstances or situations, hence set goals ought to be flexible enough to accommodate change.

Human beings posses the unique attribute, that enable them to conjure in their minds events that aren’t happening and didn’t happen in the past. This attribute is what is referred to as the practice of visualization. This practice majorly focuses on events that might happen, could happen or that will happen. Visualization therefore has an impact or influence in the human life.

This text will attempt to comprehensively evaluate and discuss the purpose of examining the goal of your goal as well highlighting the relationship between visualization practice and human effectiveness. A critical and objective conclusion on the subjects under discussion will also be put forth.

Purpose of examining the goal of your goal

No goals ever formulated or ever to be formulated is perfect, hence constant examination of goals set is inevitable if they are to be realized. Some of the motives behind goal examination include;

Progress assessment

This concept is critical as it aids in determining whether one is still on track in relation to the earlier set objectives, values as well as set deadlines. It enables an individual to comprehend the steps made and those required to be taken to guarantee the achievement of a set goal.


Since no plan is perfect, strategies set to attain particular goals too aren’t. They therefore are subjected to adjustments from time to time. Goal examination hence ensures flexibility by sourcing for alternatives in the event that existing strategies fail to perform and making this new found options work.


Excellent goals are those that are further divided to short term goals meant to aid in the realization of ultimate goals. Prioritization certifies that at any given point, depending on prevailing circumstances, short term goals are considered in accordance to their urgency and importance in fulfillment of set ultimate goals.

Shock absorption

Goal examination also ensure that unprecedented events or calamities are absorbed with ease and do not hinder in any manner the attainment of the set goal.

Relationship of visualization practice to effectiveness

Visualization has a profound influence on human beings due to its ability to focus on the future while still in the present. It’s basically the imagination of events expected or desired to happen but which are not presently happening. Some of the ways visualization practice influences effectiveness in human beings includes;

Focus enchasing

Imagining of future events assists in knowing what is required of us now if we are to positively experience the visualized event. This triggers a sense of concentration on present activities that are affirmatively inclined to the visualized occasions. It is this concentration that is responsible for the enhancement of effectiveness.

Decision making

The visualization practice as a result of its unique ability to get a glimpse of the future, bestows the power of choice on human beings. This power to make a decision is greatly crucial to the effective performance of an individual as it ensures that only the right actions are executed. Consequently the right actions yield excellent results.

Smart goal formation

Setting of goals is one issue and setting of realistic or rather smart goals is a different thing altogether. Through visualization goals are hypothetically analyzed and their attainability examined. Formulation of realistic and achievable goals reflects the concept of effectiveness on the part of an individual who formulates them.

Precision enhancement

Errors are a great hindrance to effectiveness at whatever sphere of life.visulisation practice helps in elimination of errors that might occur in future happenings since through imagination some presumed errors may be forecasted and necessarily steps taken to avoid them in the occurrence of a visualized event. The accuracy that comes as a result of this is what enhances individuals’ effectiveness.

Interest and passion generation

Visualization brings about communication with the subconscious part of the brain which consequently generates emotions that move our body into action. These emotions are the interest and passion generated that are very critical in creation of the impetus needed for effective performance of an individual.


The importance of goal examination for the purpose of its attainment cannot be underestimated and should be embraced at all times. Visualization practice too has great importance to an individual productivity as it ensures things are not only done but done effectively.

It is thus crucial for one to cultivate a culture of goal setting, its examination as well as visualization for the purpose of successful holistic performance in any sphere of life.