Movie Review on Tootsie Michael Dorsey

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Published: 2019/10/05

In this movie the Tootsie Michael Dorsey is jobless. His tainted reputation makes him unable to work with anyone. Due to his reputation, he disguises by dressing like a woman during the auditions hoping that it was the easier way to get a job. In so doing he tailored himself towards what the director wanted at the auditions. He disguises by the name of Dorthy Michaels.  He falls in love with a, leading actress in the soap opera: Julie Nichols (Jessica Lange). However, Julie is unaware if Dorthy Michaels is really a man.

As incestuous chaos breeds on set, Dorthy grows more famous. As he takes turns being a mother to some, best friend, confessor to others, and even object of lust, his reverence for what he expected to be easy grows. More complication ensues after he falls in love with his co-star as he is courted by Julie’s widowed father (Wave).

Tootsie is a great movie for couples. It is also good to those who would like to laugh at stereotypes and even sexual mores. It is a romantic comedy.

A day came when one of the reels of the show is destroyed. This forced the cast to do a critical scene live on air. Dorothy visits Julie in her dressing room. Julie thinks that another woman is in love with her and she tells him that she cannot see him anymore. She thinks that Dorothy wants more from her. Soon afterward Dorothy reveals her identity. After revealing his identity Julie walks to him and hits him in the belly.

Later on they meet with Les and he tells him that he is in love with Julie. He makes an attempt to see Julie and waits for her outside the studio but on spotting him Julie walks away. After attempts to talk to her she listens to him she later on falls in love with Michael (Larry).

Most of the recent day’s romantic comedies are not authentic and this makes a film like the Tootsie hold up to date. It is highly recommended for those who have not seen it.

From this movie clips gender and gender interactions is seen as a great travesty to the cultural norms of the society (Sydney). This is why Julie hates Dorothy on discovering she had ulterior motives towards her. This is unlike in the contemporary society where even gays have been assimilated in the society.

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