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What learner are you:
Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic?

Take this short quiz to find out your best way to learn:
seeing, hearing or touching and doing?


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Learning Style Quiz

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Learning Style Quiz

Your learning type:
Auditory Learner!

Auditory Learner

Auditory perception is definitely your thing. You can remember in seconds the songs or poems you learned when you were little. What is your favorite one that comes to your mind now?

Remembering names is easy for you, same cannot be said for faces. It is you who can easily get distracted by noise in the background, but you might be a good speaker or the opponent who strongly defends their point of view.

Keep the benefit from spoken information, reading out loud, and listening to the podcasts – this is exactly what helps you succeed in studying and job.

No matter what profession you might choose (or already have), you will be always good at explaining ideas verbally. In the unknown city, a man on the street will be a way better helper for you than a printed map in your hands.

To study effectively, work in quite environments without distractions like conversations, TV or radio. In the classroom, sit away from windows and doors, so no noise could interfere with your focus on the learning process.

Learning Style Quiz

Your learning type:
Visual Learner!

Visual Learner

With visual perception, you mostly remember what you have ever seen.

Your best way to learn is to see the pics, diagrams, or the text accompanied by something that has a visual shape.

You can easily remember information from presentations, especially the slides with pics. You will always remember the face of the girl/boy you liked when you were a kid, but you can hardly remember their name…

Flashcards are the best things to help you study effectively, whether you are studying in a group in class or at home alone. Plus, use notes, create graphics, draw pictures and figures, watch videos.

Learning Style Quiz

Your learning type:
Kinesthetic Learner!

Kinesthetic Learner

You are kinesthetic (also tactile) learner. You remember a pleasant touch of your favorite sweater, and how you felt in the sport game you’ve recently played.

You may be not the best listener or reader, but you are definitely the best partner in exploring the new environments together. You never comprehend things so well only while reading or hearing about them. In your case, effective remembering is possible when you experience something.

You may be one of those who takes a seat in the back of the class. Are you? No surprise if you always want to generate anything new or make changes to the things you see like flashcards offered by your teacher.

Your best way of learning is in groups, where you can express your brilliant interaction skills. Or by applying role-playing methods. When you play, you are more involved in the process and remember information much better.

To study effectively, it is better for you to change mental activity for physical from time to time. Take breaks regularly. If you like to listen to music while you study, that’s an awesome way to remove other distractions.

And yes, in your case chewing gum while studying is a good idea. Choose different flavors for different subjects as an association with what you study.

Upon entering college, young people often have trouble adjusting to the drastically increased amount of independently studied material. Planning their time and organizing study sessions can be very challenging for students. Especially now, when many classes have moved online, lessening the supervision of the instructors even more.

If you want to increase your learning efficiency and find out the best ways to organize your academic efforts, you should start with the question: what is your learning style?

Each student learns differently. We all absorb, process, and retain information in our unique way. Your learning style influences your studying efficiency, behavior, and even mood. To maximize your academic outcome you should match your style with suitable studying strategies.

Take this free learning styles quiz and find out the way you learn best. Make sure that every minute you devote to studying is well spent.

What Is My Learning Style and Why Does it Matter?

The VAK model of learning styles was first proposed by the educational theorist Neil Fleming. VAK is an acronym for Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, which are the main types of learning modes this test is based off. In the earlier days, this model was known as VARK, including also Reading/Writing as a different way to perceive information. Initially, the model was proposed as a guideline for teachers to organize work in the classroom.

However, know, when life-long learning and self-learning trends are on the rise, everyone should ask themselves, “What kind of learner am I?” and find the best ways to apply their efforts to learning independently.

Why is this important? Our learning style influences the quality of our learning. If you know what modes suit you best, you are able to process the information faster, retain it better, and have more fun studying!

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