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Corals reefs are some of the most important structures that make up marine life. They are a very crucial pillar especially in the Caribbean states through which tourists find every meaning of visiting. Coral reefs collectively, are believed to be among the natural wonders among the creatures of the world. Just like any other living thing, a coral undergoes numerous adverse conditions which threaten its existence. Vulnerability over climate change is a major factor affecting the coral reefs growing rate in the near future. This paper analyzes the environmental challenges that commonwealth state of Bahamas is going through as far as the coral reef decay is concerned.


Located in the northeastern part of Cuba, and southeastern of Florida, is the small island and a developing Caribbean state with an estimated population of 309,200 people, majority being Christians, its land area is 13,940 sq km, with a $28,600 GDP per Capita And Nassau its capital city. The official language is English even though Majority of Bahamians speaks Bahamian English, a language which is believed to be an influence by West African slaves.

Mill reiterates that Bahamas being one of the wealthiest Caribbean nations, close to 60% of the population largely depend on tourism industry. This is due to the species of coral reef family that is largely available at that commonwealth state of Bahamas. The entire population’s growth rate is currently approximated to be zero point fifty four percent. According to analysts, the population growth is highly threatening the being there of those denaturing species.

Mill alludes that ‘Climatic change impact’ subjects the Bahamas to vulnerability due to the rise of sea levels causing adverse impact on the coral reefs decay. Water temperature changes to damage wetlands in coastal regions, affecting the existence of coral reef family. Eventually, the high temperatures have affected multiple fish species that depend largely on the coral reefs intensely hence, nearing their ignorant extinction. As a result, some fish species are diverting to other regions since they can’t find the comfortable life that they find in corals. Excessive acid in oceans renders the corals to bleaching therefore triggering the increase of coral mortality.

The rains seasoned in May and June also said to contribute in damaging coral reefs since they come receded with several disasters. Tropical storms like hurricanes that cause wind damage and prolonged accumulation of fallen trees and demolished structures like houses and shops, are some of the main reasons as per to why the commonwealth of Bahamas should employ vigilance, in protecting this natural blessing that is a rare commodity to many countries. All these mentioned factors affects corals reef by oppressing them with less conduciveness in terms environmental pollution. Mill agues that majority of residents close to 84% living in Nassau the Bahamas capital, also poses a serious threat to these unique creatures that are the reason of oceans beauty. This happens indirectly due to dense population-ness forcing all sorts of rubbish to the waters.

According to Mill, one among the major environmental challenges faced by the Bahamas is intense waste accumulation. With little or no protective measures against things like scavengers and parasites, at place, garbage has been carelessly disposed to the ocean subjecting the coral reef to decay or be denatured. Despite SWM program being funded by the IAD Bank, garbage accumulation is still a major threat to the coral reef in the entire island especially in the New Providence. A research carried out 2002 showed that more than eighty percent of the rate of tourists who flock the island and pay handsomely because of the beautiful coral reefs are likely to decline. The research revealed that these tourists were likely not to revisit the Caribbean again in ten years time. That was because it was revealed that the government was not doing enough to secure the corals existence which is the major purpose of tourists visit

According to another parallel research, Zukerman, comments that corals based at the outskirts of reefs especially in the Caribbean are likely to evolve much faster as compared to others. The same study as reiterated by the researcher indicated that efforts to secure endangered species of coral family were not appealing since certain species seemed to extinct at an alarming rate. Corals need special conditions to guarantee their survival. Just like a father provides for his family, corals also provide life to a multiple species of fishes. Therefore, in conditions of hot weather where water is too hot, deep and acidic like in the Caribbean States Bahamas, being one of them, they do not grow to the fullest as to push beyond their current boundaries. meaning that, they cannot multiply in numbers. Following the current harsh environment at the Bahamas, the corals have been evolving abnormally into Morpho species. (Zukerman, p1)

The rate of corals growth in the Bahamas is rapidly decreasing at a very alarming rate. Even the species like Elkhorn and stag horn known to be naturally branchy, hardly grows to more than three inches a year. A fifty year old coral is estimated to be the size of a basketball. It is reported that whereas a coral die, migration or starvation of marine life is experienced. Acute temperature surge and cumulative temperature stresses the thermal malfunctions some of which the forefront factors hinders the existence of corals in the Bahamas and therefore nearing their extinction. (Manzelo, P1)


The coral reef decay is a major problem in the present Bahamas, despite the fact that, this is most likely to scare away millions of tourists who mainly visit the Island to see the coral reefs; the state is not doing enough to prevent them from decay the malice. One of the threats against coral reefs include; erosion caused by carelessly erected buildings near the beaches. Another factor hindering the corals existence is global warming, where scientists are warning that due to climatic changes, temperatures are increasing rapidly and thus triggering coral decay. Another dangerous hazard towards the corals is the invasive Casuarinas which is one of the exotics denaturing the sea vegetation. Debris from ships includes all sorts of rubbish and dangerous toxic particles from people especially the uninformed tourists harming the marine creatures of both the fauna and flora family. It is of paramount importance for the Commonwealth of Bahamas to acknowledge the fact that coral reefs are the main income generators and should therefore do whatever it takes to protect them. By protecting the coral reefs, it will be the state which will be protected indirectly.

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