Customer Satisfaction Thesis Proposal

Type of paper: Thesis proposal

Topic: Business, Customer Service

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Published: 2019/09/19

The state of mind that customers have about a company when their expectations have been met, or exceeded over the lifetime of the service or product is what is referred to as the customer satisfaction. Achieving the customer’s satisfaction resulted to company’s loyalty and the products. Satisfaction can mean be contended with the quality of a particular services or product with a continuing relationship or with price performance ratio of a service or the product.

Measure of customer satisfaction will vary from one company to the other depending on what type of satisfaction is being researched. For instance manufacturers will typically desire on time delivery and specification adherence thus measure of satisfaction preferred by supplier should include critical variables of this kind.

Several objectives pertaining customers satisfaction surveying program exists but the most basic objectives which are a must meet by any survey program include;

To understand the requirement and the expectation of all the customers.

Determining how best my company its competitors are meeting the expectation and the requirements of the customer.

Developing product and service standard based on my findings.

Establishing standard priorities to determine how well you have met the goals.

Primary objective of a customer satisfaction program survey is to come up with a consistent and valid feedback concerning the customer ,meaning to listen to the customers expectations which then ca n be used in the initiation of strategies that retain the customers and also protects the cooperation’s most valuable product, that is the customer.

In conclusion customer mindset of pre-purchase will fall into any of the three categories; rejection whereby the customer will stop purchasing the product completely. Acceptance, whereby the products are satisfying but they will shop for a better deal.Lastly its preference in which the customers are delighted and they may even purchase at higher prices.