Essay on Patterns of Development

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Development, Learning, Students, Skills

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Published: 2019/10/10

Writing is a form of communication and whatever we write has to be clearly understood for the message to be passed across. We have to organize our thoughts and bring the contents to a clear view before putting it down on the paper. Good organization determines the quality of the respond that we are going to get. Narrative is the best pattern of development in that you first have to know exactly what took place. First you need to create a situation so that you can narrate it. For example if an event occurs within your vicinity, the first thing you have to do is to observe what is taking place, afterwards you conceptualize the whole event and try to think of an outcome and the possible cause of the incident. Relate this to a recent past event then provide for a solution if you can. This enhances observation and analytical skills which are necessary for everyone to be well equipped with.

Each stage of writing requires critical analysis and expounding, by so doing you involve the brain so much and it is at this point that some other new tasks arises and you get to learn more yourself before presenting the subject to the students. Narrative pattern explores the place and the surrounding of the event thus you can draw so many conclusions relating to the topic.

By proper coordination of ideas and skills you can overcome time as your work is well organized and there are few challenges that need to be sorted out as per time schedule. You need to have a well lied down plan at every stage of your life. So that you know what you are suppose to do at any given time. You can even seek assistance from your seniors and anybody else who has the experience to tackling your problem. These can ease the work load and gives you time to do extra activities.

After various research on the topic matter you gained a lot of experience and confident. The research work also gives you exposure in other fields hence enhancing your skills and thus you can communicate effectively in the diverse environment. This coupled up with the class room work you can interact with anyone without fear or discrimination. The narrative pattern also is closely related to the descriptive pattern thus you can learn two or more patterns of development at the same time.