Movie Review on Building Germany’s Holocaust Memorial

Type of paper: Movie Review

Topic: Cinema, Holocaust, World War 2, History, Adolf Hitler

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Published: 2019/10/10

The twentieth century war memorial is simply designed. It is simple in the emotions it raises. The monument standing on a rough piece of land the stelae nearly falling in to the centre of the position; then rising up again to the edge to form a myriad of crooked stone corridors. The passage along the corridor is scary and disorienting. The slanting ground and being short of vision offers various idea of Jewish incident from the World War II.

Eisenman in the holocaust Memorial project has gained credibility which stems from his Jewish origin. The protestors of this work have been numerous. Peter Eisenman is an American Jew and architect who finalized the design of Germany’s Holocaust Memorial in 1999. The work was through by 2005, a complete city block covered, in large concrete block and seemingly haphazardly constructed. It had some of it ‘stelae’ on the ground and others stand upright to the height of 4.7 meters. There were 2,711 pillars which were planted close in undulating waves. This is a representation of six million Jews who were murdered by Hitler administration.

Peter Eisenman’s documentation chronicles of a major public sculpture located in the centre of Berlin. He shows brilliance in the face of controversy and critique, most of which disappeared with dedication of the memorial. It is special credit to Eisenman for keeping the design of the monument from the traces of Kitsch. The memorials have increased conscience and politics in the international arena the construction is the most controversial part of architecture. There are stelae that vary in heights. The access to the field is through a crisscross of narrow pavement which is barely three feet in width. It is a space enough for a person to pass through at a time. ‘The Memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe’ is the name given to the site.

The main purpose of the memorial is to keep the memories of crimes committed during the years of Hitler, thus the importance of keeping the memorial in a prominent place in the middle of the German capital, the exact place where the Nazis had deliberated the genocide.

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