Movie Review on Eating Disorders

Type of paper: Movie review

Topic: Disorders, Psychology

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Published: 2019/09/30

The movie is in a town set up whereby the characters are discussing something in the living room. The group is made up of women most of them with identical eating disorder and almost the same physical characteristics except for some few women who are trying to advise them on what they did to have a better shape. The sitting room has much furniture that enabled the women to sit in a conference like manner and have a mutual talk. At the background of the living room, there are various hangings and photos as well as paintings on the wall. Since this is a town setting, the buildings are permanent and the entire surrounding is full of various structures that inhibit human life. The city in which this movie took place is next to a coastline as we can see the character moving around in the beach and enjoying their time. Looking closely at the movie, we can realize that we have a well-connected form of communication since one the woman is seen calling one of her friends in an office. At the same we can see from where they live that there are many fatty foods, which are clear indication that it is what contributed to the increased body weight.

The main characters are all obese and they talk freely about their conditions. To break the monotony of obese women and bring some real life situations, we have also some obese men who have been identified as part of the group that the movie is based on. We can also see some women who we can say they have maintained their bodies passing by as the night draws before they all converge again in the living room. This form of movie illustrates a real life situation and confirms that obese people are there in every society.

Abnormal psychology is a section of psychology that deals with unusual patterns of emotion, character, and thoughts that can or cannot be taken as precipitating mental turmoil. From the movie therefore, the main characters are abnormal because of their excessive weights due to their bad eating habits and lack of exercises. Basically, individuals are suppose to have balance dietary and predictable body structure, but in our case the women are physically uncomfortable with their weights implying that they are abnormal as compared to the rest of the women colleagues. In addition, the way they function and handle duties is far much different from the way a normal person is expected to do. Too much body weight makes them unable to do some jobs like lifting objects from the ground since they cannot bend over to pick them. Because of fear of isolation, the obese individuals usually act in a weird manner as self-protection mechanism, but in real sense they are affected mentally hence behaving like though they are not being appreciated.

The film portrays what is happening in real situation and most of the affected people usually feel they are isolated, of which that is not the case. They should themselves try to understand their situation and allow room for correction and taking physical fitness exercises instead of being over reactive to the outside world. Eating disorder is something that can be controlled and no one should get worried about this condition. What they need is only commitment to the given exercises and all will be well. The women in the film isolated themselves from the public and look for their own identities. Thought this is normal for people having the same physical characteristics, they should be advised to socialize with everyone so that they build up ethical mind and reduce frustration about their conditions.

Abnormal psychology is a common occurrence in our societies and it is a manageable condition by the affected person. Eating disorders can result to different abnormalities that can change the whole lifestyle of an individual if not addressed earlier. There are different factors that trigger the formation of abnormal psychology causing different change of mind and behaviors of individuals. Some are genetic while others are developed because of human growth and development. All these factors affect the way one perceive life and if not nurtured correctly can lead one astray.