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It’s difficult to come up with arguments on the topics you know nothing about or don’t care enough to bother. No wonder essay writing can be such a struggle! Teachers seem to have a penchant for giving you boring things to discuss and unexciting causes to defend. If only they could give you full freedom – then you’d write something really good, something amazing! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to write about anything you are passionate about, without any restrictions?

Well, not exactly. Sometimes the absence of constraints creates the problem in its own right – the paralysis of choice. The notorious writer’s block is just one of its many manifestations. What should you write about when possibilities are infinite? That is precisely the reason why you stall, staring at a blank page with only your name typed out on top.

You are not alone! We know all about procrastination and hours spent online in search of inspiration. Here is why we’ve created this academic essay title generator! It is your indispensable helper when you need just a little nudge in the right direction.

You can use it in several ways:

  • as a random subject generator when only keywords are provided
  • as an essay title generator for any subject of your choosing
  • as a fine-tuned generator for specific topics when both keywords and subject are indicated

Perfect Title Generator For Essays And Other College Papers

We specifically created our title generator for essay writing – it churns out perfect topics for short argumentative papers, comparative essays, and other types of written assignments that are popular in college.

However, with the right keywords, you can get from it a sophisticated title fit for a thesis or even a dissertation. Come to think of it, you can even give a novel or an Oscar speech a go!

In fact, the topic sentence generator is a thing to play with! There is no commitment – you can select any of the topics it proposes as is or give your own unique spin on one of them. The main purpose of this tool is to spark your interest, prompt ideas, and make your creative juices flowing.

Research Paper Title Generator For Creative, Inspired Work

Who says academic research is all about numbers and data? You have to be creative to ask the right question, you have to be inspired by your subject and enthusiastic about the impact your research will have.

That is why the topic generation process isn’t entirely random. It is done by our algorithms based on the keywords you wish to feature in the name of your research paper – something meaningful for you. Then our research topic generator adds just a pinch of its magic for a perfect serendipity moment.

Use our title generator for papers that WOW the world and change it for the better.

How To Use Our Generator To Get Random Topics To Write About

“What should I do to generate the title ideas for essays?” Nothing much. It’s super easy, free, and doesn’t require you to log in. All you have to do is three simple steps:

  • Pick a keyword or several keywords that you like and type them into the “Keywords” field, for example, “pet” and “cat”.
  • Choose a subject from the dropdown list, for example, “Biology”. You can leave this field blank to get more results.
  • Hit the “Generate” button.

Voila! Enjoy the list of ready-made inventive titles. If the outcome doesn’t satisfy you or seems scarce, try entering fewer keywords or leaving one of the fields blank – this will yield more results.

However, if you love the titles but have trouble with writing instead, don’t hesitate to ask us for help! Every topic, every college subject there is – we can sort it out for you.