Argumentative Essay on Nuclear Proliferation

Type of paper: Argumentative essay

Topic: ScienceNuclear weapon

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Published: 2019/10/03

Nuclear proliferation basically is the haphazard distribution of nuclear weapons or spread of nuclear related technology to countries or states which do not have the nuclear technology and are not recognized by the Nucleus Non-proliferative Treaty.

I am proposing for nuclear proliferation. This is because, possession of these nuclear weapons is considered as a symbol of prestige and superiority in the current world we live in. To be realistic, nations like America and Russia are considered super powers because of the nuclear technology (James 402).

Also, nuclear technology has sparked or flickered scientific revolution. Actually, radioactive materials such as uranium have greatly contributed to the scientific revolution. In addition, nuclear reactors have been lately utilized in the generation of electric power in the developed world. Therefore, I feel that nations which still do not have the technology should acquire it for scientific purposes (Yehoshafat, Alan, and Derek 136).

In addition, nuclear proliferation might cause international stability and security. Nations like Iraq, Iran and Syria highly harbor terrorists who only use their nuclear weapons to terrorize mainly inferior nations which cannot fight back. Therefore, they will be scared of war or terrorism incase each nation had the power to fight back (James 402).

Finally, James argues that nations like America will never stop or control production of nuclear weapons even if it advocates others to surrender like Russia (402). Therefore, I greatly support nuclear proliferation since this will prevent dictatorship, dominion or control of other inferior nations.

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